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Useful Information

The LC Automation team of Technical Support Engineers have collected a wide range of useful information for you to watch or download. If you need any further information or advice, please call 01254 685900 and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.


TOSIBOX - User-friendly, secure remote access for industrial automation

Why You Should Use an M2M SIM Card 

A SIM is just a SIM. So why do you need to buy an M2M SIM? In this article, Telenor explain the specific requirements of M2M Remote Access applications and why a reliable M2M SIM Card is essential.


TOSIBOX - User-friendly, secure remote access for industrial automation

TOSIBOX® Lock 500i - Top 10 Questions Answered 

TOSIBOX Lock 500 is truly a game changer for IIoT connectivity and remote access for Industrial Automation. In this article, TOSIBOX Product Manager Miikka Lääkkö answers the Top 10 questions about this innovative product.


Mitsubishi - 5 tips for selecting the right PLC

Five Tips to help you select the right PLC 

With so many choices and configurations available, how should you go about selecting the correct Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) for your application? These five tips from Mitsubishi Electric will help you to specify the ideal PLC.


Five Top Reasons to Add a Robot to Your Production Line 

Have you ever wondered if a robot could improve your automated process? In this article, Mitsubishi Electric’s robot product manager Barry Weller, gives five top reasons why you should consider adding a robot to your production line in 2018.


Are your a.c. inverters (Variable Speed Drives) running at
maximum efficiency? 

a.c. Inverters or Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) are an important energy-saving technology, but Mitsubishi Electric’s Matt Handley questions how many installed drives are set up to run at their maximum efficiency.

How to Check the Cooling Output of Your Control Panel or Enclosure

Top 3 Tips for Checking the Cooling Output of Your Control Panel

Manufacturing automation systems are delicate and very expensive pieces of kit, which perform vital functions for the businesses they serve. In this article, Rittal Product Manager for Climate, Jason Swann, offers some practical tips on how to evaluate an existing enclosure climate control through a series of simple checks.

How to select and HMS Anybus gateway

How to select an HMS Anybus Gateway

An HMS Anybus Network Gateway makes it easy to connect different industrial fieldbus networks including ProfiBus, DeviceNet, CANopen, CC-Link or industrial Ethernet. This video explains how to select the right HMS Anybus Gateway.


Bluetooth or WLAN - Which do I choose?

One wireless technology cannot cater for all applications. WLAN (or WiFi), Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy, are each good at different things. In this article, HMS Industrial Networks help to explain which wireless technology is best for you. 

IXXAT CAN bus topology

IXXAT CAN bus background information

IXXAT products from HMS can help you to make the most of the opportunities your CAN bus network has to offer. Our Industrial Network Application Engineer is also available to advise and inform you about the latest newtork and fieldbus technology.

CC-Link Installation and Setup Guides

CC-Link Installation and Setup Guides

CC-Link is an open fieldbus and control network, which provides fast data communications between different devices. If you would like more information about CC-Link, we have CC-Link Installation  and Setup Guides  along with a CC-Link Sample Layout  (in an Excel spreadsheet) and a CC-Link Blank Layout  which you could use in your specific application. Just click the title on the right to download.


Red Lion Crimson Software - Free Download

Red Lion Crimson Software

The very latest versions of  the Red Lion Crimson programming software is always available to download for free from the Red Lion website. This allows you to select the right software for your requirements and download it whenever you need it. To make life easier for you we have links below to the page you need to find, they have information on the products they support and a link to download the file you need.

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