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Energy Saving

Energy costs can be a major problem for any business that is looking to control, or reduce their ongoing costs.

Did you know that energy consumption accounts for 90% of total operational costs throughout the lifetime of an electric motor? Fitting an a.c. Inverter (energy saving drive) can make a huge difference to that energy consumption and often provides a cost effective answer to your energy efficiency questions.

Mitsubishi A.C. Inverters (Energy Saving Drives)

Mitsubishi have been supplying a.c. inverters for over 30 years, delivering in excess of 15 million units worldwide. This success mirrors the great trust our customers place in them and supports their reputation for innovative, well-engineered and reliable technology.

Today, their portfolio of frequency inverters covers the full power range from 0.1kW to 630 kW. It starts with the FR-D700 micro-drive – ideal for simple applications at the lower power range and followed by the compact FR-E700. The FR-F700 is specifically designed for fan and pump applications, and the range is completed by the high-end FR-A700 units which also offer integrated PLC control. For maximum energy savings the FR-A741 offers embedded power regeneration – helping to lower investment costs and permanently minimise operating costs.

Mitsubishi a.c. Inverter vs. Direct On-Line Demonstration 

Video; Matt Handley, Mitsubishi Electric’s Product Manager for Drives and Low Voltage, with an excellent Mitsubishi a.c. Inverter vs. Direct On-Line Energy Saving Demonstration - interactive on-line demonstration

Link; - including an interactive on-line demonstration with all the energy saving information & downloads you need.

Are you looking to reduce your ongoing energy costs?
We can help with that...

LC Automation have a number of products which can help to measure, and reduce your energy usage. More importantly, we also have the knowledge, skills and experience which can help you to select the right products and reduce your ongoing energy costs. For more details about Energy Saving and how LC Automation can help you, give us a call on 01254 685900 and ask to speak to your local Field Sales Engineer.

Further information from the Carbon Trust

The Carbon Trust have more information on energy saving and the help that is available to reduce your energy costs. Visit their website at  or download the PDF's on the right.

Energy Saving at LC Automation

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