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Are Safety Light Curtains Easy to Align?

Safety Light Curtains can be a reliable and cost-effective way to keep your employees safe, especially in Food and Beverage, Automotive and Packaging Industries. By protecting your hazardous machinery without the need for physical barriers, they can also help to maintain your productivity.

But how easy are they to align? This infographic makes it easy in just 5 steps.

5 steps to Align Your Safety Light Curtains

Once your safety light curtain is aligned, the device can help to increase productivity and reduce downtime thanks to its innovative diagnostic options. Smart presence detection prevents unwanted switch offs as it differentiates between humans, material and debris.

Using IO-Link, Sick deTec4 safety light curtains can communicate key diagnostic data which allows Maintenance Engineers to quickly pinpoint potential problems and efficiently solve the issue, reducing downtime and saving money.

Looking for more information? We can help with that...

If you would like more information, these handy Sick deTec4 Safety Light Curtain 'How-to' Videos  are very useful. Alternatively, give us a call on 01254 685900 to discuss your application with one of our Sales or Technical Support Engineers. We will be happy to help.

This infographic is used with the kind permission of Sick USA and was previously included on their Blog. Take a look at the Sick USA Blog for lots of other great articles and posts.

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