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Rittal Outdoor Enclosures

Outdoor enclosures are ideal for use outside. Rittal's CS wall-mounted enclosures and CS New Basic enclosures are available off the shelf as standard products. CS Toptec enclosures are the perfect solution for your outdoor projects. The multi-functional enclosure is specifically tailored for use in telecommunications projects.

As technology continues to evolve, outdoor enclosures will increasingly play a role in keeping us all connected. During the design and installation of outdoor enclosures, there are several key factors to consider, including the ability to monitor them remotely and maintaining high levels of security to prevent unauthorized access, this will remain of paramount importance, to protect the vital equipment and infrastructure, housed within many outdoor enclosures. Here at Rittal, we are able to meet the needs of many vertical markets and sectors that have specific design and legal requirements for their outdoor enclosures. 

One thing that hasn’t changed since the 1960’s is the need and demand for ‘off the shelf’ solutions. This requirement is greater than it has ever been before, customers and end users across the globe want to feel confident and be able to fulfil specific projects, with specific products but they want a solution they can rely upon to be delivered quickly and efficiently.

The environment you place your enclosure in will play a big part in what material you select. Generally, avoiding painted mild steel is a good idea. Aluminium coated with outdoor paint or plastic designed for outdoor use are two good, lightweight, and cost effective materials. When installing outdoors, a heavy solution can be more costly so, where possible, keeping your material choice lightweight can be useful. Equally, for a larger solution, having a solution which is modular can often carry the same benefit.


Where the environment is much more corrosive such as coastal, then naturally you’ll want to entertain the use of stainless steel. 304 stainless for milder outdoor use and 214 stainless steel for more corrosive/salty environments. My advice would also be to consider applying an outdoor protective coating/paint on top of stainless steel – there are different levels of protection that you can have. There are also what is known as Corrosion Class Ratings marked very simply as C1 through to C5-M.

Wall-Mounted Enclosures

Outdoor enclosures for wall or pole mounting. Enclosure-within-an-enclosure concept, outer enclosure with cut-out at the bottom and integrated louvres on the rear panel and side panels for ventilation. 

Housing For Compact Enclosures AX

Housing for AX compact enclosures, for use outdoors. For creating an enclosure-within-an-enclosure concept. Cut-out at the bottom and integrated louvres in the side and base for optimum
enclosure ventilation.

Basic Enclosures

Single-walled enclsoure systems, one-door and two-door. Ready to use in all applications with passive interior installation or minimal heat loss in the outdoor sector. Roof concept with all-round louvred grilles.

CS Toptec

Outdoor enclosure with 100 mm transport plinth and rain canopy with projections on all sides. Side panels, rear panel and door fully double-walled on the outside, the entire TS 8 frame is available
for interior installation.

Multifunctional Enclosures

Multifunctional enclosure - the platform for telecommunications solutions, designed for siting outdoors.

Plastic Enclosures AX

AX plastic enclosures, optionally with or without viewing panel, are ideally suited to applications in the outdoor sector. Numerous mounting bosses inside the enclosure allow individual interior configuration on a 25mm pitch pattern.

AX Plastic Enclosures

Rittal AX Plastic enclosure

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Rittal Outdoor Enclosures

Rittal Outdoor Enclosures

rittal enclosure in the rain

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