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Rittal Modular Data Centre

Discover new perspectives: From standardised data centre modules to new infrastructure and cloud solutions.

Rittals Modular Data Centre solutions include the RiMatrix S - with preconfigured, complete, standardised data centre modules, you can save valuable planning time and be fully operational straight away, and the RiMatrix Data Centre Container RDC - modular container-housed data centres offer the ideal scalable solution. Whether customised for SME, cloud or edge applications or preconfigured data centre containers, our modular container system always offers you the perfect solution for your needs.

Standardised modules for your individual solution. The modular system allows you to plan the layout of your IT infrastructure. The physical structure for your data centre module depends on the structural circumstances. 

Whether it’s single rack or container solutions, centralised data centres, distributed edge data centres or highly scaled colocation, cloud and hyperscale data centres, the modularity and backwards compatibility of RiMatrix NG make it possible to update individual components in an infrastructure, and thus continuously adapt the entire data centre to rapid technological developments.

"RiMatrix NG thus becomes an IT infrastructure platform that is extremely future-safe and flexible,"
Uwe Scharf, Managing Director Business Units and Marketing at Rittal

With modules from five functional areas that can be planned individually, IT managers can quickly and easily receive solutions that are tailored to their requirements, consisting of racks, climate control, power supply and backup and IT monitoring and security. The range of combinations ensures that users can cover their entire needs and meet local stipulations wherever they are in the world – depending on requirements using solutions from Rittal or from tested and certified partners for energy supply and fire safety, for example.

RiMatrix NG offers the flexibility of utilising and configuring the comprehensive Rittal modular system in IT racks, too, in line needs and preferences in the country of use – with the help of the new VX IT, or fully compatible with older generations.

This means the platform solutions are scalable in every dimension – size, performance, security and fail-safe reliability. If a particularly fast response time is needed, or existing buildings do not offer sufficient space, data centres can also be implemented using container solutions and safely integrated into existing IT infrastructures.

Rittal Modular Data Centers

The Platform Allows...

  • IT Climate Control
  • IT Power Supply and Backup
  • IT Monitoring and Safety
  • Rapid Project Implementation
  • Consulting Throughout The Entire IT Lifecycle

Predefined individual modules allow plug & play installation of entire data centre infrastructures. The modules contain network and server enclosures, cooling, power distribution and backup, as well as monitoring and DCIM software.  The modules are disengaged from the physical cover and defined infrastructure interfaces, making them extremely flexible for use

The RDC Containers

Container solutions from Rittal are delivered pre-assembled, field-tested and can be up and running in next to no time. They range from simple IT containers to complete all-in-one systems incorporating the entire physical IT infrastructure, from the rack, to climate control, a power supply with a powerful UPS system, through to complete monitoring and can have an effective fire extinguisher system. The product range allows you to select the most suitable solution for your requirements. ISO High Cube dimensions are also supported. Extensive standardisation within the product family not only shortens the delivery time, it also enhances product reliability and quality.

  • RDC All-in One Container - Ready-to-connect IT infrastructure in a robust container shell, as standardised IT modules in a range of output categories for SME, Cloud and Edge applications
  • RDC IT Container - Cold water or coolant-based systems for energy-efficient cooling of the entire server inlet air zone, speed-controlled and with n+1 or n+n redundancy
  • RDC Power Container - Modular UPS systems with redundancy to supply one or more IT modules
  • RDC Cooling Container - Efficient re-cooling systems in the container frame, ready to connect and system-tested with redundant chillers, free-cooling mode or additional free cooler and
    network functions

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Rittal Data Centre

Rittal Data Centre

Rittal Data Centre in Enclosure


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