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Mitsubishi Horizontal Robots - the Affordable and Flexible Robot Solution.

Ideal for table top pick-and-place applications or laying a glue path, a Horizontal or SCARA Robot has a higher speed and a higher payload than a Cobot, although that requires some safety equiptment to keep your operatives safe. 

The Horizontal arms of the Mitsubishi Electric Horizontal Robots are the ideal solution for assembly and packing machines. These affordable and flexible robots have been specifically designed with assembly and packing machines in mind. 

Mitsubishi Horizontal Robot Range

Product Highlights

  • Wide range of arms offer flexible and compact machine designs
  • Save space - robots can be mounted above your workspace
  • Rigid arms and cutting-edge motion control provide superb precision and speed
  • Increase productivity – High-speed arms reduce your cycle times
  • Reduce costly downtime – with the preventative maintenance function
  • Wide choice of networking options provides extra flexibility
  • Built-in-Ethernet makes it easy to connect 3rd party systems
  • Internally routed cables give a clean design & provide easy cable management
  • Collision detection will stop the robot to limit any potential damage
  • Extra axes support allows your robot to be used in more challenging environments


Typical Applications

  • Part Assembly 
  • Kitting Parts
  • Packaging
  • Life Testing
  • Conveyor Tracking
  • Pick and Place


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Mitsubishi Horizontal robot at LC Automation


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