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Mitsubishi Assista Cobot - the Future of Human
Robot Interaction.

Cobots are the latest innovation in the world of robotics. Designed to work safely alongside human operators, Mitsubishi Assista automatically stops when it comes into contact with a human or other obstacle.

Mitsubishi Electric has been at the forefront of innovative new technology for 100 years. In that time, technology has changed considerably, but they have always focussed on developing user friendly automation products that can help to revolutionise your productivity. A Mitsubishi Electric Cobot certainly fits both of those criteria!

Easy to control, easy to program and easy to connect; that is how Mitsubishi Electric describe the latest ASSISTA Cobot Range. With this amazing offer, it's even easier to prove their ROI and justify adding a Mitsubishi Cobot to your production process. Here are some of the product highlights;

Mitsubishi Assista Cobot

Easy Control: Move Easily with the Operation Buttons

The operating buttons on the robot arm provide you with easy control for ASSISTA and the teaching pendant for programming and teaching is no longer needed. The LED on the robot arm display the status of the robot.

Easy Control With Mitsubishi Assista Cobot

Easy Programming: No Need for Expertise

You can create programs visually using intuitive operations with RT-Visual-Box. "Visual Programming" software allows operators to simply program this robot with a "train by demonstration" programing interface. This allows them to move the robot arm position and set way-points easily.

Easy Programming With Mitsubishi Assista Cobot

Easy Connecting: A Wide Variety of Components and Applications

ASSISTA offers a wide variety of components-Grippers, Fingers, Vision and other peripherals-developed by a group of organizations known as MELFA Robot Partners. These tools can easily be setup and configured for your application. ASSISTA can also be configured to move freely as as part of an AGV/AMR or as a mobile robot.

Easy Connecting With Mitsubishi Assista Cobot

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Mitsubishi Assista Cobot on display at LC Automation North West manufacturing event

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