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Will Compressed Air Stop You Hitting Your
Energy Saving Targets?

COP26 LogoThe UK Government has ambitious targets for reducing emissions, pledging to hit Net-Zero by 2050. The knock-on effect is huge, with major UK businesses actively driving their supply chains to reduce energy usage and waste... but will compressed air stop you hitting your energy saving targets?

According to The Carbon Trust, compressed air systems account for 10% of all Industrial energy use, but the efficiency of compressed air systems is ‘often poor’ due to leaks, inappropriate use, ad hoc system expansion and poor control. There is massive potential for energy savings in the UK alone.

Sustainable Development Goals

Ambitious government targets are encouraging UK businesses to focus on their 'Green Credentials'. Many retailers are already pushing their supply chains to reduce energy use and that pressure is only going to increase in the future. 

Add to this, the ongoing drive for greater efficiency and lower costs, and pneumatic cylinders will become less and less attractive to UK industry. 

You may be satisfied that your existing compressed air system fits your needs, but what about the future? Expanding a system to accommodate a new machine or installing an additional compressor to power a new production line could really affect your efficiency. It's time to look at pneumatic-free technology.

Reducing Your Energy Consumption

The efficient use of energy should be the goal for sustainable development in any manufacturing company. This involves their future development and measures to effectively counter the growing cost pressure. Even if you have previously looked at energy saving projects which were rejected, rising costs will have reduced their ROI and could make them more viable.

The key to reducing production costs lies in eliminating power losses in energy-intensive factory automation, which is why more and more companies are opting for automation without compressed air and choosing to use electrical actuators.

If you are currently using pneumatic actuators in an assembly or handling application, IAI actuators can provide a better, more energy efficient solution for linear, rotary and gripping movements. 

Why don’t you call our IAI experts on 01254 685900 and see what electrical actuators can offer your business? It could be the best call you ever make!

What Difference Can it Make?

Electrical vs Pneumatic Power ConsumptionThe difference in power consumption of an electric cylinder and a pneumatic alternative depends on the frequency of operation. Higher frequency gives more impressive energy-savings.

If both cylinders work at 10 cycles per minute, a RoboCylinder uses 1/3rd of the energy of a pneumatic cylinder. But if both cylinders work at 30 cycles per minute, this difference becomes clearer because the IAI RoboCylinder only uses 1/10th of the energy of a pneumatic cylinder!

Think about the production cycles in your business. The harder your cylinders are working, the bigger the cost savings you could make from using IAI electrical actuators.

Think About the Ongoing Cost of Your Pneumatic Cylinders

The main argument for pneumatic actuators is a lower initial investment. That is true, but it is also true that pneumatic systems are complicated, unreliable and inherently inefficient. 

It is possible to reduce high losses during the generation and distribution of compressed air using intensive optimisation measures, but the technological limits are quickly reached.

Various studies show electrical actuators are preferable to the optimisation of compressed air systems, both in terms of the economic and the ecological savings in energy consumption. In many cases, savings of up to 90% have been achieved!

Reduce Your Annual Electric Bill

Improved Productivity

Pneumatic cylinders can’t operate at high velocity due to the impact at the stroke ends. IAI electric actuators allow individual adjustment of acceleration, velocity and deceleration (AVD) with percentage input for smooth starting/ stopping at high velocity - reducing cycle time and increasing productivity.

Improved Productivity

Looking for More Information? We Can Help With That...

If you’re thinking about energy saving or expanding your factory production, it’s time to have a serious conversation about Electrical Actuators and Cylinders. 

As the UK's only IAI supplier, no one understands more about reducing energy costs by specifying, installing and using the right IAI Electrical Actuators. Our engineers can discuss your application, give you expert advice and get your project off the ground. Give our experts a call today on 01254 685900 and let us start to make your production processes more energy efficient.

IAI Can Help to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Compressed air systems account for 10% of all Industrial energy use, but the efficiency is ‘often poor’ due to leaks, inappropriate use, ad hoc system expansion and poor control.

Air is free - but compressed air is not. Use alternatives where possible.

Source; The Carbon Trust

PDF Downloads
  1. Compressed Air Equipment - Energy Technology List
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