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Space-Saving IAI Mini Actuators and Micro Cylinders

In industrial applications where space is at a premium, IAI has a great range of compact electrical actuators and cylinders with very small length, width and height dimensions.

IAI Has the Smallest Sizes of all Mini Linear Actuators

Smallest Sizes of all Mini Linear Actuators

Can your new cylinder fit your existing operation? Of course! The overall length, width and height of the IAI Mini-RoboCylinders are comparable to the sizes of pneumatic cylinders. In addition, the mini linear actuators also work with the same signals used for air cylinder solenoid valves. IAI and LC Automation can make the changeover to pneumatic-free automation quick and easy. No problem!

IAI has a large selection of mini linear actuators. Simply select the mini slider type, mini rod type, mini table type or micro cylinder that suits your production requirements, and our Sales or Technical Support Engineers will do the rest to help specify the right unit and get it up and running in your operation.

Shaped Like an Air Cylinder and Easy to Use

IAI RoboCylinder Mini Electrical Actuators are available in shapes that are similar to traditional air (pneumatic) cylinders, so there's no fuss. Users who are used to the day-to-day operation of pneumatic systems should find it easy to adapt to IAI RoboCylinder alternatives!

Ultra-compact IAI RCD Micro Cylinder

IAI have pushed the boundaries of compact engineering to develop an ultra-compact electric actuator, with a cross-section of only 12mm² and a body length as short as 60mm, the IAI RCD Micro Cylinder is small enough to replace compact air cylinders used for short-stroke travel, pressing or hoisting.

Our Range of IAI Mini Linear Actuators

IAI Micro Cylinders

IAI Micro Cylinders

IAI Mini Table Cylinders

IAI Mini Table Actuators

IAI Mini Slider Actuators

IAI Mini Slider Electric Actuator

IAI Mini Rod Actuators

IAI Mini Rod Actuators

 Looking for More Information? We Can Help With That...

If you are interested in IAI Mini Electrical Actuators, or have any general questions about the IAI RoboCylinder product range, we are here to help. As the UK's only supplier of IAI products, no-one knows more about specifying, installing and using IAI Electrical Actuators, so call us on 01254 685900 or send your details below and start making your production process more efficient.


Space-Saving IAI Mini Actuators and Micro Cylinders

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