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Compact Electric Linear Actuators & Linear Systems

When it comes to compact electric linear actuators, IAI has a great range of perfectly matched slider, rod and table type versions available.

Linear Actuators for Pneumatic-free Automation

Electric slider, rod, table and belt drive linear actuators are equipped with either a stepper or servo motor. They often already have a battery-free absolute encoder as standard. The actuators can also be supplied without an electric drive unit.

The largest part of the extensive product portfolio consists of compact and high-quality RoboCylinders. With these, the focus is on miniaturisation and the handling of low payloads.

The linear actuators of the Intelligent Actuators product line (single-axis robots) meet significantly higher requirements in terms of payload, speed and stroke length.

RoboCylinder - Inexpensive, High Precision & Bend-proof axes

Inexpensive, high-precision and extremely bend-proof axes with 1/5 of the operating costs of a pneumatic system. These electrical high-performance axes are available with stepping motors or servo drives and – unlike air cylinders – combine the possibility of multi-point positioning with the capability to change speed and acceleration.

Intelligent Actuator - High Load Capacity, Speed & Stroke Length

Intelligent Actuator - High Load Capacity, Speed & Stroke Length

A large range of linear robots ensures that there are ready-to-install systems for virtually all applications. Most applications can be covered by the ISB product series, which is based on an aluminium frame.

 For harsh environments or special requirements about precision, dust protection or cleanroom compatibility, there are the SSPA (with stainless steel frame), ISPB, ISDB and ISDBCR versions.

Special Solutions and Cartesian Robots

Special Solutions and Cartesian Robots

In addition to standard linear actuators, IAI also offers customized system solutions. These special solutions can also be equipped with special drives such as belt drive type actuators (IF series) or rotating nut type actuators (NSA series).

In addition, the linear actuators can also be combined in the modular system to form cartesian robots with up to six axes.


Our Range of IAI Linear Actuators 

IAI Compact Electric Linear Actuators & Linear Systems

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