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Electric Grippers for Pick-and-Place Automation Systems

For grasping, measuring and testing even sensitive workpieces.

Freely Programmable Electric Grippers

3-Finger Slide Gripper RCP2-GR3SSIAI's product range includes a wide selection of programmable gripping solutions for pick-and-place automation systems. They offer three functions in one: gripping, measuring and testing.

Unlike pneumatic grippers, electric grippers do not require airlines, operate significantly quieter and save energy and maintenance. They are also actually better suited to holding workpieces, which is ideal for a gripper!

Sectors and Areas of Application

Electric grippers are often used in the automotive, pharmaceutical, electronics, food and consumer goods industries. They are used to transfer parts to or from a conveyor belt, work station or machine, for example, during machine loading, part placement, loading and unloading, and packaging or palletising.

A second application is the alignment of parts. Here, the gripper must position the part correctly in preparation for the next work step.

Long-stroke Gripper with Battery-less Absolute Encoder
The new long-stroke gripper for large workpieces is based on the existing RCP6-series cylinders and is designed with two oppositely moving slides. An option with an angled motor is also supplied if the workspace available makes this necessary. Like all products in this series, of course, this long-stroke gripper has a battery-free absolute encoder.

This gripper can achieve stroke lengths of between 180 mm and 260 mm alongside maximum grab widths of up to 1,200 mm with a maximum extension of the gripper jaws of up to 400 mm. Depending on spindle pitch, this new long-stroke gripper can achieve forces of from 155 N to a maximum of 400 N , all remaining at a position repeatability of +/- 0.01 mm.

All models in this new range are also optionally fitted with an integrated controller, which greatly simplifies installation. This new long-stroke gripper is used above all for handling large plastic parts and for handling large parts in other industries, where correspondingly large grippers are required.

GRS Solenoid Gripper - Small, Affordable and Easy to Operate 

The electric two-point lifting magnet gripper is available either with outer diameter grip or inner diameter grip in two sizes with a maximum gripping force of 10 N or 20 N. Both variants grip centrically and have a stroke of 4 mm with dead weights of 160 g and 270 g respectively. Opening and closing of the gripper jaws takes as little as 0.03 seconds.

As a connection, these small electric grippers only need one cable for the power supply and the sensor signals, which makes installation in complex systems particularly, simple and safe. Wherever filigree small parts need to be picked up and moved safely, these grippers are ideal and always perform in an energy-saving manner.

IAI RCD Mini Gripper with High Gripping Force

IAI RCD Mini Gripper with High Gripping ForceThe 2-finger gripper has a gripping force of 10 N at a height of only 22 mm. The maximum speed for opening and closing is 67 mm/sec, with position repeatability of +/- 0.05 mm.

You are able to program up to 512 positions in conjunction with the corresponding IAI controller. Above all, the gripping forces and accelerations are of particular importance. These features make it so easy to grasp different parts and materials you need it to.

This micro gripper is mainly used in micro and precision engineering but is also very useful for users in electronics and medical technology.

Electric Grippers for Pick-and-Place Automation Systems

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