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Are Pneumatic Cylinders Holding You Back? Let Us Introduce You to IAI EC EleCylinder

If you work with pneumatic cylinders, you probably find them annoying, unreliable and hard to control. But if you own or run a manufacturing company they're much worse - they are holding back your productivity!

Pneumatic cylinders (or air cylinders) have been around for years. They use airflow to control movement which means they can't operate at high velocity due to the impact at the stroke ends and are generally unreliable due to air leaks and gasket degradation. In the past that was acceptable, but now there is a much better solution - IAI EleCylinder.

IAI EleCylinder - The Better Alternative to Pneumatics.

Plug & Work: EleCylinder with Built-in Controller

IAI EleCylinder - Plug and Go SimplicityEleCylinder is an electric cylinder with a motor, encoder and integrated controller, making these energy-saving actuators extremely easy to use. Start and end points can be set to any position using data input - without complicated programming. It really is ideal!

Due to the high-speed movements, EleCylinders are ideally suited for short cycle times. Unlike pneumatic cylinders, they can also perform slow uniform speeds over the entire stroke. Gentle starting or braking? That's no problem with IAI EleCylinder.

Fast and Easy Programming

Set Acceleration, Velocity and Deceleration with EleCylinderWith integrated controllers, EleCylinder actuators are very easy to program and, depending on the application, process speeds, acceleration and braking cycles are specified as well as the actual positions.

Like all IAI electrical actuators, the new EleCylinders can effortlessly maintain slow, unfluctuating speeds throughout the entire stroke.

Radial Cylinder - for Radial and Eccentric Loads

The radial cylinder is equipped with a built-in ball circulating type linear guide in the rod body. No external guide is required, as both radial loads and eccentric loads can be applied.

Since it has a built-in linear guide and the rod is supported by the guide, there is no runout to the tip. It can be used even in narrow spaces to save overall space as there is no need for an external guide.

Wireless Communication Via Touch Panel.

In combination with IAI EleCylinder, the IAI TB-03 touch panel can communicate wirelessly with your electrical actuators. This makes it easy to reprogram actuators that may be installed in hard to reach areas, used on dangerous machinery with physical safety barriers or concealed behind fixed covers. 

IAI TB-03 Touch Panel for IAI EleCylinder










Wireless programming with IAI EleClyinder at LC Automation

 Looking for More Information? We Can Help With That...

If you are interested in IAI EleCylinder or have any general questions about the IAI RoboCylinder product range, we are here to help. As the UK's only supplier of IAI products, no one knows more about specifying, installing and using IAI Electrical Actuators, so call us on 01254 685900 or send your details below and start making your production process more efficient.

IAI Mini Slider Type Electrical Actuators

  - Simple Programming-free Operation

  - Start & End Points Set to Any Position

  - AVD Values are Easily Set

  - Easy to Adjust & Fine Tune

  - Shorter Cycle Times

  - Stable Velocity

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