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IAI Electric Actuators, Rotary Types and Grippers
for Your Cleanroom Applications

IAI has a range of cleanroom actuators available for many ISO classifications

Large Selection of Actuators for Cleanrooms

IAI Cleanroom Electrical ActuatorsIAI's numerous cleanroom-suitable products can be used for many applications; transport, positioning, manufacturing processes, the semiconductor and FPD industries. They work ideally in all areas where dust or dirt particles are to be avoided.

A stainless steel dust protection band ensures a sealed construction, without openings, and through sucking air inside the housing, ISO cleanroom compliance is achieved. Furthermore, the sealed construction allows the unit to be used in both vertical and horizontal directions (in lateral position), for example, in the mounting forms that were previously only possible to an extremely limited extent.

Numerous Versions from Small to Large

Depending on the size of the workpiece or the installation surface, you can choose your product for your measurement, from small to oversized - and more and more variations are being developed. In the case of the mini rod types with 24 V and 230 V servomotor, for example, five series were recently supplemented by cleanroom types in 3 sizes each, corresponding to a total of 15 new models.

Cartesian robots, according to cleanroom specifications, are available at customer request too. If high-speed transport of small parts is required, a SCARA robot is also suitable for the cleanroom and can therefore also be used.

High Speed and Maximum Loads

Even for applications with short cycle times, customer-specific requirements can be met - high-speed movement up to max. 2,500 mm/sec and an acceleration of 1 g with the ISDACR/ISPDACR series.

The ISDACR series is also suitable for transporting heavy parts. Loads of up to 150 kg horizontally and 60 kg vertically are possible at a speed of 500 mm/sec and an acceleration of 0.3 g.


IAI Electric Actuators, Rotary Types and Grippers for Your Cleanroom Applications

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