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Lutze Cablefix One Cable Entry System Can Reduce Installation Time By 80%

Lutze are well known as leaders in cable and connection product innovation and they have just launched the Cablefix® One cable entry system, providing a flexible solution when feeding cables and pre-made assemblies into your control cabinets. Featuring a multi-layered seal design, Cablefix® One allows individual layers to be removed to vary the clamping range of the seals from 3.5mm to 29.5mm (depending on the model). 

Designed to save you time and stress when installing cables (especially with pre-installed connectors), Cablefix® One is the easy way to ensure your cables are properly clamped and sealed - while giving your control panel a really professional finish.

Each Kit has One Order Number, for All the Elements You Need.

Cablefix® One is available in three pre-configured kits which include all components you need to seal 4, 7, or 10 entry points, (depending on the version). These kits reduce the need for different seal configurations, making ordering easy, and reducing the number of part numbers on drawings, BOMs, and different products on your shelf. Unused seals are closed by default, eliminating the need for blanking plugs.

Video: LÜTZE Cablefix® One cable entry system - straight from the box

The Lutze Cablefix® One cable entry system complies with protection class IP66, and provides excellent strain relief as per EN 62444 to secure cables against accidental pullout. Mounting the frame to the cabinet is easy using the provided cutout template or using a standard 112 x 46mm punch tool.

Features Include

  • Excellent sealing up to UL Type 4X, 12 and 13
  • Protection Class IP 66
  • Good strain relief acc. to EN 62444
  • Standard cut-out 112 x 46mm
  • Silicone free


Cablefix One 4-way Kit
Lutze Cablefix One 4-way Panel Entry Solution - Buy Online Today!

Cablefix One 7-way Kit
Lutze Cablefix One 7-way Panel Entry Solution - Buy Online Today!

Cablefix One 10-way Kit
Lutze Cablefix One 7-way Panel Entry Solution - Buy Online Today!

Looking for more information? We can help with that...

Cablefit One is a brand new product range that extends the popular Lutze Cablefit range. If you have any questions or would like more information, please give us a call on 01254 685900. Our Sales Advisors and Technical Support Engineers will be happy to help!

Lutze Cablefix One Cable Entry System. Buy Online at LC Automation