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Why Have Plastic When You Can Have Steel?

When it comes to safety, you don’t want to take any chances which is why safety systems are designed to be fail-safe. When the health of your employees, or your customers employees is at stake, it really is better to be safe than sorry.

In the event of a component failure, if your machine is running correctly it will default to a safe condition and stop production to protect operators. So, why specify components such as plastic safety switches that are more likely to fail and let you down at any time? I’m getting a word… and that word is cost!

IDEM Safety Switches are Built in the UK for Shorter Lead TimesBut plastic does the job, and we need to keep an eye on our costs.

We understand that. But what if you could buy strong, reliable safety switches in Stainless-Steel, for roughly the same price as a leading brand non-contact safety switch in plastic? You get all the advantages of Stainless Steel; almost unbreakable reliability and resistance to wash-down and harsh chemicals, but without breaking the bank. Is that possible?

Well, yes, it is. IDEM is the UK’s largest supplier of Stainless-Steel Safety Switches and Heavy-Duty Door Interlocks. Manufactured in the UK to the highest possible standards (in fact, they actually produce safety switches for one of the leading brands you probably buy), you can get the stainless-steel switches your employees deserve, with short delivery times and prices you won’t believe.

Do I really need Stainless-Steel?

Stainless-steel safety switches offer many advantages to machinery designers & engineers. Obviously, their resistance to chemicals and corrosion make them well suited for processes involving potentially aggressive materials or those which are subject to very demanding cleaning, such as food and beverage...

... And let’s be honest, when the rest of your machine is made of shiny metal, stainless steel switches simply look better than plastic.

But what about other industries where plastic is still an option? Well, there are still advantages to Stainless Steel. The main one is strength. If you install safety switches where people walk past or transport items nearby (and that is most applications, isn’t it?), there is always a chance that a plastic safety switch could be knocked and broken.

In these situations, stainless steel has the strength to resist knocks, bumps and scrapes – allowing your safety switches to do what they do best, protecting your employees from dangerous machinery. In terms of your business, they can reduce breakdowns and unplanned downtime, keeping your customers happy & protecting those all-important profit margins.

That all sounds good, but what about those prices?

As the biggest manufacturer of Stainless-Steel Safety Switches in the UK, IDEM are a lean, efficient company. By keeping their costs low, they can pass those savings on to you, the customer via their partnership with LC Automation. You’re not paying for their brand name, so when we quote an alternative to a plastic safety switch from a leading brand, we always find that prices for IDEM stainless steel safety switches are competitive – and often lower!

Get an IDEM Stainless Steel Safety Switch Quote Today

Get in touch with your specification or current model of safety switch and let us quote an IDEM Stainless Steel alternative instead. IDEM Safety Switches are manufactured in the UK, so you will be impressed by the short lead times – and blown away by their low prices! What have you got to lose? Call today on 01254 685900.

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