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Weidmuller u-remote: Flexible Remote I/O Sub-bus System with IP67 Protection

The trend towards decentralisation has proven to be unstoppable within industrial plants, where it is becoming increasingly common to retrieve or transfer signals directly on the sensors and actuators.

These new remote I/O modules from Weidmuller have an IP67 protection rating, making them perfect in these applications. Their compact size and impressive variety of functions also means they save on valuable space and allow control cabinets to be combined, or even done away with entirely.

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This offers major benefits, particularly for machines and plants with a modular design. Indeed, production systems can now be combined with several protection classes when using the sub-bus system (IP67) and u-remote gateway modules (IP20). This increases the flexibility of automation operations and can cut costs, while the low weight of the sub-bus modules means they can be positioned on moving objects, such as robot arms, for example.

Weidmuller Remote I/O System with IP67 Protection Rating

Hardwearing and flexible

The IP67 rated, remote I/O sub-bus system is highly resistant to environmental influences and boasts an extremely flexible design. Users can position up to 15 IP67 I/O modules along a total distance of up to 50m, which makes for a far more flexible signal connection in modular production plants.

The I/O modules’ can also be used to transfer many functions directly into the field, significantly reducing the installation requirement in the control cabinet. The wide spectrum of functions offered by the Weidmuller IP67 I/O modules range from digital and analogue inputs/outputs to counter, RTD and TC modules. Additionally, the fact that individual functions can be parameterised in a channel-specific manner boosts the flexibility of both the modules and their application.

Automatic sign-in on power-up

Whenever the I/O system is powered up, the sub-bus modules automatically sign into the u-remote gateway module. Given that it is completely compatible with the integrated u-remote web server, extensive simulation and system diagnosis operations can be performed and inputs and outputs can be forced even when there is no control unit connected, reducing start-up times.

The IP20 system can be directly connected to the IP67 sub-bus modules, because the innovative IP20 gateway module allow the fieldbus-neutral IP67 sub-bus system to be combined with all available u-remote fieldbus couplers. As a result, users only need a single IP67 system and can migrate the entire system by switching the coupler to another fieldbus.

Space saving and lightweight

The space-saving modules, which measure as little as 30mm and weigh 153g, can be installed either horizontally or vertically in the smallest of spaces, ensuring optimum cable routing near moving plant parts. The modules also feature transparent and illuminated markers for improved visibility, with arrow-shaped LEDs so users can clearly identify the channels and the channel status even in the dark. Yellow LEDs are used for the I/O function indicators, while green LEDs show that voltage is present. Unassigned I/O connections are sealed with caps.

The Weidmuller sub-bus modules are lightweight, easy to handle and robust. They are best suited to use in harsh environments, in places exposed to dust or for positioning on moving objects. The single-row I/O modules are available in four module variants. DI enclosures (8DI, analogue and functional modules) feature four M12 connections in the I/O area or eight M8 connections. Two sub-bus connections (M8, with four poles), each with two wires for data and voltage, are also provided. An M12 connection is used for the power supply. An M12 connection is added to DO enclosures (with four M12 or four M8 connections) to provide an additional power supply for the outputs.

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