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Weidmuller PROtop. A High-end Power Supply for Any Environment – Today and in the Future

24/7 installations require a particularly reliable power supply that can withstand harsh environmental conditions. Condition monitoring for preventive maintenance is also becoming increasingly important and that is where the Weidmuller PROtop range comes into it's own.

PROtop combines high efficiency and compact housings with durability and direct parallel connection without diode modules, reducing costs and creating space in the control cabinet. Due to powerful DCL (dynamic current limiting) technology, even difficult loads – motors, for instance – are operated smoothly, while circuit breakers are triggered reliably. Optional communication capability allows permanent condition monitoring and full integration with control systems, where required.

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Special Advantages Include:

  • Safe triggering of circuit breakers
  • High energy reserves for powerful engine starts
  • Highest efficiency and very long lifetime
  • Space-saving with an extremely compact design
  • Redundancy or parallel operation without diode modules
  • Optional communication modules that can be retrofitted at any time


Communication-capable with Retrofit Solution

PROtop can be retrofitted with a communication module which is simply connected to the power supply and allows the transmission of process data to a higher-level control system. This networks the power supply to other components within the system. The solution is remote-controllable and is integrated into a system’s condition monitoring system.

Direct parallel connection option without diode modules

The integrated ORing MOSFETs in PROtop provide high power from a compact unit and don't require additional assembly or wiring, reducing system costs and saving space in the control cabinet. The parallel operation option makes current sharing easier and guarantees maximum longterm stability.

Outstanding peak load reserves thanks to DCL technology

Thanks to the future-oriented DCL (dynamic current limiting) technology, high pulse reserves are available at all times. The resulting dynamic range can be used for reliable triggering of circuit breakers or powerful motor starts. At a motor’s starting torque, for example, 300% power reserve is available for approx. 100 ms, and 150% for approx. 5 seconds.

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If you would like more information about Weidmuller PROtop power supplies you can download a copy of the brochure on the right, or call our Sales Advisors on 01254 685900 and we will always do our best to answer your questions.

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