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Tosibox Launch the New Lock 150. Get 60% Better Performance at the Same Great Price

TOSIBOX® Lock 150 is a compact industrial router with firewall sharing access that brings a simple solution to the industrial automation and building automation sectors to help build & manage remote IIoT control operations. 

Totally Secure

It's a phrase that is often used, but firewall sharing access allows the TOSIBOX® Lock 150 to secure any remote connection and protects all the devices behind it. Connected IIoT items can be securely accessed over the Internet and most LAN and WAN networks using an encrypted VPN.

VPN throughput has been increased from 6Mbit/s to 10Mbit/s

The Lock 150 has the capacity to provide up to 10 concurrent VPN connections and offers VPN throughput up to 10 Mbps with the help of three 10/100 Mbps LAN ports. Sounds complicated? As with the other products in the TOSIBOX® range, the Lock 150 can actually be installed in less than five minutes without additional software installation, network configuration or special IT skills. In fact it's childs play 

Main Features

  • Patented TOSIBOX® Plug & Go™ connection method takes you out of the box and into use in less than 5 minutes, without specialist IT skills.
  • NAT and firewall friendly
  • VPN throughput up to 10 Mbit/s, end-to-end encryption between TOSIBOX® devices
  • Performing at the highest security levels in the industry – See security questions answered in our Security Center
  • Up to 10 concurrent VPN connections
  • Audited and patented security
  • Reliability with TosiOnline™ automatic reconnection of dropped connections
  • Compact physical size for space conscious environments


The TOSIBOX® Lock 150 is Now Available

Along with our exclusive TOSIBOX® Lock 150 Starter Pack, LC Automation have a range of TOSIBOX® products and accessories available to buy online. Click Here to See Our Range.

For further information on the TOSIBOX® Lock 150, check out page 221 in our newest catalogue. Click Here to See Our Best Ever Catalogue.

Looking for More Information? We Can Help With That...

For more information, please download the user manual or data sheet (on the right) or take a look at Tosibox Lock 150 - We Answer Your Top FAQs . Alternatively, call LC Automation on 01254 685900 and speak to one of our sales advisors or technical support engineers. They will be happy to help or arrange a free, no-obligation demonstration.

Tosibox Lock 150 - Full UL approval and available from LC Automation

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