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TOSIBOX® Helps Access Baking Machines in Difficult Locations

Forward thinking Bakery Machine producer saves time and money using TOSIBOX® to remotely access their machinery anywhere around the world.

The Challenge

The food industry, like many others, requires precise measurement of ingredients when making products. Bakeries are no exception and require their machines to operate constantly within the tolerances set by their operators. Subtle changes in those tolerances through operator error require specialist interaction to monitor and make any adjustments necessary. 

Tosibox Helps Access Bakery Machines in Difficult Locations

Accessibility to the machine is paramount, but due to geographical and accessibility challenges this is not always possible in a timely manner, and machine downtime is not an option.

An easy to configure and deploy system was very important as time on the site was limited due to external factors. It needed to be secure and the connection reliable. TOSIBOX® enabled Lawrence Electrical and Atlas to deliver this in a size that is easily installed virtually anywhere.

“I hate networks, but I love Tosibox!”

David Lawrence, Managing Director, Lawrence Electrical


The Solution Tosibox Bakery Case Study Installation Diagram

A TOSIBOX® Lock was installed inside a panel servicing part of the machine allowing the external specialists access whenever any issues were flagged by the operators or to monitor its progress in general operation. The installation was completed with the full cooperation of the bakery with the Lock preconfigured prior to deployment, minimizing the amount of time required on site. Space and the harsh environment created their own problems, but TOSIBOX® Lock has yet again proved its reliability in extreme conditions.

Since the installation, most of the issues that would have required a site visit have been averted and the bakery have seen an increase in operational efficiency. It has helped prove that there were problems with operators not understanding the user interface of the machine sufficiently, so mistakes were made. Training has been key, and without TOSIBOX® remote access it would not have been possible to educate operators in the production environment where space is a major problem.

Network integrity, security and isolation are paramount, and TOSIBOX® Lock helps deliver this with its 256bit encryption, effectively eliminating any access issues that would be present if it were possible to install another remote access option. This added layer of security has given a renewed confidence for remote access technologies opening the way for additional Locks to be installed.

As TOSIBOX® continues to excel saving time and money, Lawrence Electrical and Atlas plan to expand their installations into more critical and space conscious environments implementing other solutions from the TOSIBOX® product range.

Looking for More Information? We Can Help With That...

If you have questions about remote access, you have come to the right place. Our Field Sales or Technical Experts are available to discuss how our user-friendly remote access solutions can provide a better service to your customers. If you would like more information about our range of products, or would like to see exactly how easy they are to set up and use, call 01254 685900 and ask to speak to one of our remote access experts. They will be happy to help.

Tosibox Lock in the Bakery Machine Control Panel



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