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Increased Wash Down Requirements? You Need IP69K Pushbuttons.

Due to Covid 19, control panels will probably need to be cleaned between shifts or when there is a change of operator. This takes time and could reduce your productivity. IP69K pushbuttons from Siemens make it quick and easy to wash down using hot water and high pressure hoses, saving time that could otherwise be wasted.

Powerful machines need powerful Push Buttons and Signaling Devices. Siemens Sirius Act offers you a unique range of elegantly designed Push Buttons, indicator lights and switches that are the perfect embodiment of style, intelligence and physical toughness.

Sirius Act is a full range of command and signalling devices developed by Siemens. A modular system, it features a robust design with an IP69K protection rating, high-level aesthetics and simple operation. Users have an extensive choice of pushbuttons and emergency stop buttons, selector and key switches and acoustic and optical indicators.

Suitable for Increased Wash Down Requirements

Due to the current ciscumstances relating to COVID-19, many manufacturers are now facing increased wash down requiremnets. The Siemens Sirius push buttons are suitable for these conditions as they provide IP69K protection.

Front Panel Mounting

The diverse range in metal and plastic versions for front panel mounting can also be combined flexibly with different rear-mounting contact and LED modules. An online configurator simplifies selection and ordering. The components are connected to the controller via AS-Interface, IO-Link or standard cabling. Thanks to twist prevention and the innovative snap-on concept, the new commanding and signalling devices can be installed quickly and easily without errors even if holes are not keyed.

Major features include;

  • Modular command and signal devices in a choice of four designs
  • Extensive selection of pushbuttons, switches and indicators in various colours
    and designs for every application
  • Rugged designs with IP69K protection rating
  • Twist prevention and snap-on concept, for straightforward, error-free
    installation and removal

Sirius Act is a completely new system of commanding and signaling devices developed by Siemens. A modular system, it features a robust design in with IP69K degree of protection, high-level aesthetics and simple operation.

A focus on easy installation

The new command and signal devices were developed with a particular focus on ease of installation. The snap-on concept used in their design makes it possible to assemble the front element and rear holder quickly without tools. Disassembly is equally rapid thanks to a release lever. A screwed connection with reliable twist prevention means that keyed holes are not essential for reliable device installation.

Sirius Act is a modular product line that enables users to choose from four design ranges in plastic and metal versions to meet their specific application requirements. The front of the holders features different actuators and indicators, while at the rear they provide slots for contact and LED modules. There is sufficient space to accommodate up to three modules side by side and two contact modules one behind the other in each case.

A choice of connections & suitable for every application

The modules are available with screw terminals, spring-type terminals or solder pin connections. Siemens also offers compact units in which the electrical module is permanently attached to the holder. Thanks to its IP69K degree of protection, Sirius Act is unaffected by dust, oils, caustic solutions and extreme environmental influences to the extent that it can safely be cleaned with a high-pressure jet at high-temperatures.

Their long mechanical service life and certification for potentially explosive atmospheres makes the new commanding and signaling devices suitable for every application.

Siemens provides an online configurator for fast and convenient component combination and ordering. Single devices, housings and inscriptions can be combined individually to the customer's requirements in the configurator by means of drag and drop. An automatically generated CIN number enables customers to reorder their configuration at any time without having to provide any further details. The online configurator provides download options for documentation, exploded views and connection diagrams too.

Looking for more information? We can help with that...

For more details on the Siemens push buttons and indicators check out pages 294-301 in our newest catalogue. Click Here to See Our Best Ever Catalogue. Or click here to see our range and buy Sirius ACT pushbuttons and indicators online .

You can download a Siemens Sirius Act brochure on the right. Alternatively, if you would like more information on this new range of Siemens pushbuttons and command devices, please don't hesitate to call LC Automation on 01254 685900. Our team of Technical Support Engineers and Field Sales Engineers will be happy to advise you on the correct configuration for your specific application.

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