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Siemens 3VA1 Moulded Case Circuit Breakers Set the Standard - in a Compact Design

The Siemens 3VA1 Mould Case Circuit Breakers  are ideally suited to your standard applications in infrastructure and industrial plants. It is equipped with a thermal-magnetic trip unit and provides reliable protection for your systems and a.c. inverter drives.

With their compact design, 3VA1 moulded case circuit breaker can be used even in the most confined spaces. The cap size of 45 mm also makes it ideal for use in distribution boards.

Highlights include;

  • Optimized for standard applications in infrastructure and industrial plants
  • Reliable protection for systems and generators
  • Minimal space requirements thanks to its extremely compact design
  • Starter protection versions are available
  • Comprehensive range of accessories for function expansion
  • Also available as a switch disconnector in a moulded case circuit breaker design for simple industrial applications

Especially designed for your standard applications:

The 3VA1 moulded case circuit breaker has a broad range of potential applications. Thanks to a rated current of 16A to 160A and a switching capacity of up to 70 kA, it is suitable for functions in residential and public buildings, infrastructure, and industrial plants.

Siemens 3VA1 System Diagram

Space-saving design

It has the perfect size for distribution boards: The 3VA1 moulded case circuit breaker has a cap dimension of only 45 mm and highly compact design. The 160A 3-pole version is just 130mm x 76.2mm x 88mm (HxWxD) and the 4-pole version has the same hieght and depth with a width of 101.6mm.

Adaptable as line protection

The 3VA1 moulded case circuit breaker provides overload and short-circuit protection for cables, lines, and non-motorized consumers. Their thermal-magnetic trip units have an extended setting range (0.7 to 1.0 ln), making them extremely flexible in terms of your choice of basic device.

Reliable starter protection

A clever combination for smooth operation. The starter protection version of the 3VA1 moulded case circuit breaker combined with an overload relay and a contactor forms a complete motor feeder.

Cost-efficient as a switch disconnector

The new 3VA1 switch disconnector in accordance with IEC 60947-3 in a moulded case circuit breaker design allows you to safely disconnect individual machine groups from the network. With its additional functionalities, it is the perfect complement to the breaker series – in a consistent, end-to-end design and with the same accessories.

Looking for more information? We can help with that...

LC Automation can supply all the components, cables and accessories you need to complete your project. If you would like more information about Siemens 3VA1 MCCBs , download a copy of the brochure on the right or call our head office sales department on 01254 685900, they will be happy to help.

Siemens 3VA1 Moulded Case Circuit Breaker (MCCB)



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