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Siemens Sirius 3RM1 Motor Starter - Start-up with a Small Footprint

Siemens Sirius 3RM1 Motor Starters are designed for space critical applications, combining the functionality of contactors and overload relays in a width of just 22.5 mm. Using hybrid switching technology, they provide all the benefits of relay and semiconductor technology in a single device, making them even more cost-effective. 

These motor starters make your work easier, easily adjusting the motor current with minimal wiring costs, and fast troubleshooting. You can build more compact control cabinets and increase the efficiency of your systems, while saving time and money in the installation.

Whether in bottling plants, industrial conveyor systems, or automobile manufacture, Siemens Sirius 3RM1 motor starters  can be used universally for all applications up to 3 kW, and are real professionals with integrated overload protection when it comes to starting motors. Even in the event of a hazard, they are completely reliable and shut down safely, making them suitable for safety applications up to SIL 3 / PL e. Thanks to their minimal width, they leave plenty of space for other equipment in the control panel.

Video; Siemens Sirius 3RM1 - Motor Starter with a Small Footprint

Up to 75% smaller

Depending on its assembly, the 3RM1 motor feeder requires up to 75% less space in the control cabinet compared to conventionally wired motor feeders, making it even more efficient. Where every millimeter counts, they can help to ease the space constraints of compact and modern systems and machines and are available as direct-on-line and reversing starters for small motors up to 3 kW.


Numerous innovations make the Siemens 3RM1 motor starters' easy to handle, saving you time and allowing you to focus on your core business.

Mounting is really easy: All functions are combined in one motor starter, doing away with the need for various devices such as contactors and overload relays. This results in reduced storage and commissioning costs. Furthermore, the motor starters feature the durable and energy-saving hybrid switching technology.

3RM1 motor starters are IEC, CCC and UL certified for use in international markets as no country-specific versions are required. This minimizes ordering and storage costs and can help the import and export business.

Easy wiring saves you time and money

A special infeed system is available for Sirius 3RM1 motor starters. This significantly eases the main circuit wiring, saving you time and money, while making maintenance easier.

The motor starters are available with screw-type, spring-loaded and mixed connections. With mixed connections, you profit from the benefits of the screw-type and spring-loaded connections which simplify wiring in the main circuit as well as in the control circuit.

Looking for more information? We can help with that...

If you would like more information, you can download the brochure on the right or Buy Siemens Sirius 3RM1 motor starters online . Alternatively, if you need more advice, give our Technical Support Engineers a call on 01254 685900. They will be able to discuss your application and advise you on which 3RM1 unit will be suitable for your requirements.

Siemens 3RM1 Compact Motor Starter



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