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Sick Pressure and Fluid Sensor Training at
LC Automation - Here's a Roundup!

On the 7th October, we had a fantastic session with one of our key supply partners, Sick UK. With a huge range of different products, from Machine Safety to Inductive and Photoelectric sensors, it's important to get the right training. This month we looked specifically at their pressure and fluid sensors. Here's a roundup of what we tested!

"Lively, interesting, hands-on... I wish all training sessions could be as good as this. Thanks, Nick and Darren, we certainly learned a lot about the Sick Sensor Intelligence product range 👍"
Nigel Dean, Marketing Manager

SICK product training morning

So, what did we get up to?

At LC Automation we hold regular National Sales Meetings and part of our latest meeting included a full on morning of Sick training involving our Field Sales Engineers, Production Engineers, Internal Sales and even the Marketing team. During the hands-on product training, we learned all about different sensing technologies that Sick offer including; the FTS Fllow sensor, LFC Level Switch, CFP Level Sensor, PBS Plus Pressure Switch, GRF18S Level Sensor and LFV Level Sensor.

We really value all the help and support we get from our key supply partners, so it was definitely a benifitial morning for everyone involved. A big thank you to Nick Hartley and Darren Pratt from Sick for coming down to our head office in Blackburn to expertly present their products and advise our Field Sales Engineers on how they can help our customers!

"Fantastic day, thank you to Nick Hartley and Darren Pratt... Process Control by Sick Sensor Intelligence offers all the quality & user friendliness you would expect from these guys."
Kevin Gorton, Field Sales Engineer

LC Automation National Sales meeting

FTS Flow Sensor

FTS sensor

PBS Pressure Switch

PBS Sensor

LFC Level Switch

LFC Sensor

LFV Level Sensor

LFV Sensor

CFP Level Sensor

CPF Sensor

GRF18S Level Sensor

Sick GRF18S Sensor

Can we help with your next project? Just let us know...

If you are working on a level, flow or pressure sensing project, why not get in touch to discuss the right technology and Sick Sensor for your application. Give us a call on 01254 685900, or talk to your local LC Automation Field Sales Engineer, they will be happy to chat!

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SICK product training morning

SICK product training morning

SICK product training morning

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