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Palette Precision: SICK's High Resolution Colour Sensor Leaves No Hue Unmeasured

This intelligent CSS sensor from SICK detects even very slight colour nuances, that may be unnoticeable to the naked eye, and masters constantly changing distances; upgrading your operation to its next level!

Sick CSS High Resolution Colour Sensor

Colour is often an extremely important factor in manufacturing and production lines, but taking into account that colour fades and shades don't always come out the same, sensors aren't always up to the job of differentiating accurately. Well, that was until SICK's CSS innovation!

Packed with cutting edge features and a user-friendly teach-in method, this sensor takes colour detection to a whole new level. Effortlessly distinguishing even the most subtle colour nuances, offering unrivalled precision. Thanks to its high performance and numerous application areas, the CSS High Resolution colour sensor is an attractive alternative to expensive colour measurement systems.

At a Glance:

  • High colour resolution
  • Detects colour gradients and structured materials
  • Sensing distances up to 500 mm
  • Automatic sensing distance regulation
  • Output of colour values (L*a*b/RGB) and colour similarity
  • Up to 24 colours per identification task (job) can be saved
  • IO-Link interface, application-specific setup assistance via SOPAS
  • Full colour TFT display

sick CSS high resolution colour sensor

What Can It Do?

Not only does the CSS High Resolution sensor possess the ability to detect colour gradients and structured materials like wood, but it also boasts an impressive sensing range of up to 500 mm. What's truly remarkable is its automatic sensing distance regulation, allowing it to maintain precise colour detection even when faced with varying object sizes or changing distances.

But that's not all! Equipped with a vibrant full-colour TFT sensor display, this sensor goes the extra mile by showcasing colour values such as Lab or RGB. It presents the similarity of a detected colour to a pre-set reference colour, giving you a comprehensive understanding of colour matches. With the ability to transfer up to 24 colours per identification task via the convenient IO-Link interface, your colour detection possibilities are practically limitless. Plus, the sensor allows for external storage, ensuring easy access to saved colour data.

Installing the CSS High Resolution sensor is a breeze, thanks to its application-specific setup assistant. With just a few simple steps guided by the intuitive SOPAS software, you'll have this sensor up and running
in no time.

Structured Material

Structured materials, such as wood and stone or woven materials, can pose challenges for traditional colour sensors. However, the CSS High Resolution sensor rises to the occasion, effortlessly detecting colours on these surfaces with remarkable accuracy. It utilises advanced algorithms and high-resolution colour resolution to distinguish subtle variations in colour even on complex textures. This enables precise colour detection and analysis, ensuring consistent quality control in manufacturing processes.

Colour Gradients and Mixtures

The colour sensor even detects demanding patterned or gradient materials, combining what it sees into one colour it recognises every time it is shown the same material. Its advanced optics and sensing capabilities allow it to recognise and differentiate colours within intricate patterns. This means you can rely on the sensor to accurately identify specific colours within a pattern, ensuring product quality and consistency.

By incorporating the ability to detect structured or patterned materials, the CSS High Resolution sensor opens up new possibilities in various industries. It can be utilised in sectors such as textiles, printing, automotive, packaging, and more. From checking colour quality on patterned fabrics to ensuring accurate printing on textured materials, this sensor proves its versatility and reliability.

Sick CSS High Resolution Colour Sensor

Innovative Feature: The Automatic Sensing Distance Regulation

Different distances to the object normally affects the colour perception of a sensor. SICK compensates for this effect with the automatic sensing distance regulation feature, using which the CSS High Resolution can correctly sort colours even with varying object heights. The automatic sensing distance regulation enables the sensor to detect different object sizes at changing distances in a process without having to teach in the device again. This saves time and ensures flexibility.

Sick CSS High Resolution Colour Sensor

Looking for more information? We can help with that...

If you want to know more about SICK Sensor Solutions that could benefit your operation, or have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch on 01254 685900 and our Internal Sales Advisors or Technical Support Engineers will be happy to chat!

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Sick CSS High Resolution Colour Sensor

Sick CSS High Resolution Colour Sensor

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Sick CSS High Resolution Colour Sensor