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Sick SPEETEC®, The New Alternative for Non-contact Speed or Length Measurement

In the various manufacturing processes of the metal, wood, plastic, rubber, construction materials or even textiles industry, it is essential to be able to accurately measure web speeds to guarantee optimal synchronisation of the elements, machine or product lengths to control cutting-to-length processes but also to check the size of finished products.

Most often, manufacturers either use contact systems such as measuring wheels, or use remote information for lack of anything better.

However, these methods have drawbacks such as slippage, inaccuracies or the creation of marks by contact systems such as measuring wheels, affecting the performance of the machine and the final quality of the product. In other cases, contact with the product is simply not possible because of its texture or flexibility, which poses a serious problem for efficient automation.

The Sick SPEETEC® Laser Technology

The SPEETEC® laser technology overcomes all these constraints because it avoids any mechanical contact with the products and this new technology is insensitive to colours, surface finish and type of materials.

With its flexibility and high performance, Sick SPEETEC® can also respond to a wide range of applications in the field of materials and textile manufacturing machines. Non-contact speed or length measurement reduces maintenance caused by wear and clogging of conventional systems, improving the productivity and dynamics of the machines.

The Sick SPEETEC® is a real turning point for applications where contact with the product remains delicate or even impossible. It offers an innovative and efficient alternative to solve the problems associated with conventional systems.

SPEETEC laser surface motion sensor: Captures motion. Without contact.

Your Benefits

  • Opens up new possibilities for measuring sensitive, soft or smooth objects
  • Optical sensors avoid damage to, and contamination of the surfaces being measured
  • Slip-free measurement boosts measurement accuracy, optimizing productivity and process quality
  • Class 1 lasers, no expensive laser protection measures and no specially trained personnel required
  • High measurement accuracy in start-stop operation and at short measurement lengths
  • Standardized encoder interface and compact dimensions to incorporate into existing applications
  • Rugged and maintenance-free

Opening up New Fields of Application in Motion Monitoring

SPEETEC 1D shows what’s possible. Using the laser Doppler process, the sensor measures the length, speed and position of piece goods as well as endless materials quickly and precisely. Since it measures without making contact, it enables new applications in automation: Where direct measurements on sensitive or soft surfaces used to be avoided because tactile sensors damage them, it can now perform non-contact motion data recording with the SPEETEC.

Thanks to the compact dimensions and standardized TTL or HTL interface, it is also easy to integrate into new or existing plant and can be put into operation quickly.

More Convenient Handling – Safety with Laser Class 1 From the Factory

The SPEETEC is much more economic than other laser speed sensors: Thanks to laser class 1, no protective measures such as housing, eye protection and safety areas are required for integration of the device, and no specially trained staff is needed. Installation work is minimal: Simply mount and go. The laser Doppler process of the infrared laser delivers exact speed values of up to 10 m/s with very high repeatability.

Whether endless materials or piece goods – the high resolution of the laser enables a maximum resolution of 4 µm and, on a path of one meter, the sensor measures material lengths down to the last millimeter. It therefore offers maximum reliability for countless applications.

Gentle and Economic Measurement of Sensitive Surfaces

The measurement system is specially suited for the measurement of particularly sensitive materials. Surfaces which get dented or damaged or undergo material changes due to the contact pressure of conventional measuring wheel systems can now be measured simply and reliably.

The laser-based technology also prevents contamination on the material surface to be measured. In addition to movements of endless materials, the SPEETEC also precisely detects movements of piece goods without a problem. The laser is wear-free, ensuring more process reliability with minimal maintenance costs.

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