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Engineers; are You Still Wasting Time Crimping your Cables and Using Screw-in Terminal Blocks?

You are not alone - but do you know there is a much better way? SNAP IN Terminal Blocks from Weidmuller are an absolute game changer!

Push-in technology was good, but with Weidmuller SNAP IN technology, installing your terminals has never been quicker or easier. The stripped conductor is inserted directly into open connection points (that's right, there is no need for crimping) the connection snaps into place and the green lever pops up. That is it. If you need to rewire, it’s just as fast the other way round. Just press the green lever to open the connection point and remove the cable. It could not be easier.

How Do Weidmuller SNAP IN Terminals Work?

Security You Can Hear!

Do you need to check if your connection is secure? Not any more. With patented SNAP IN technology, when you insert a stripped connector into the open connection points, the connection snaps into place with a reassuring ‘click’. 

You can hear your connection is secure and the green pusher pops up as a visual indicator. If your control panel is hard to get to, or there is a restricted view, you can even run your finger across the terminals to check that all the pushers have popped up.

Video; See Martin Dalton explain Weidmuller SNAP IN terminal blocks at Drives and Controls

Do Your Control Panels Suffer From Vibration Issues?

Shipping your finished control panel to site can be complicated, but vibrations caused by any form of transport can be problematic, as Martin Dalton, Sales Developer Engineer at Weidmuller UK explains; "When an engineer builds a panel, if he uses screw technology, has he got a torque screwdriver to check every connection? Hes not."

"Then he puts the panel onto a vehicle and sends it to the end of the country. When it gets there, is there an engineer with a torque screwdriver to check all his terminal connections? There's not."

With SNAP IN technology, you are also engineering out all vibration issues because the 'mouse trap' connection securely grabs your cable and will not come loose. There is no reason to check. When you hear the click, the connection is sound.

What Do Customers Say About Weidmuller SNAP IN?

Understandably, many of you will be reading this and thinking; 'that sounds too good to be true', or ‘I won’t be changing - it’s not for me!’. Well, you’re certainly not the first. In fact, Martin Dalton hears that a lot - until people see a demo for themselves. Here are some real comments from real customers;

Managing Director and his Chief Design Engineer (both strong opponents of push in technology),
were given samples to try; “That’s good that. That’s good isn’t it?” as they repeatedly insert
and remove the wires.

Managing Director's initial response; “We prefer screw connection, always have”.
Following the demo; “I like that. That is good - it feels the part”. He requested a quote for a number
of SNAP IN terminals the very next day.

Chief Design Engineer; ‘Go and get me some 0.14mm and 2.5mm stranded wire’. When he saw how
easy it was to insert the stripped cables into the terminal block, his immediate response was;
‘Yes, that’s really good. We need to change to these’.

Why Not Ask for a Demo, to See if we Can Change Your Mind Too?

LC Automation is your Weidmuller Automation Partner, so if you want more information about the new Weidmuller SNAP IN terminals – you have come to the right place. Watch our exclusive video or call 01254 685900 and speak to your local LC Automation Field Sales Engineer, they will be happy to discuss your requirements or arrange a no-obligation demo.

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