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Rittal Expand Revolutionary Blue e+ Cooling Range

Rittal’s Blue e+ cooling units are acknowledged as the most efficient of their kind on the market, with independent tests showing they are 75% more energy efficient than previous cooling solutions. They are now extending the existing range of between 2 to 6kW, with a new unit providing an output class as low as 1.6 kW.

“This new unit is an important milestone for the Blue e+ cooling unit range and is designed to increase the flexibility of our offering and meet a growing need for compact cooling units for efficient enclosure climate control,” explains Karl Lycett, Rittal’s Product Manager for Climate.

Video; Rittal Blue e+ Features Overview

The Blue e+ cooling unit series – the ultimate in efficiency. Worldwide.

  • Efficiency – Average 75% energy savings thanks to speed-regulated components
    and heat pipe technology
  • Versatility – Suitable for international use due to unique multi-voltage capability
  • Safety – Longer service life of the components inside the enclosure and the cooling unit due to component-friendly cooling
  • User-friendliness – Intuitive operation due to touch display and intelligent interfaces


Patented hybrid technology

The Blue e+ cooling units feature inbuilt, innovative, patented hybrid technology. This combines an inverter driven cooling circuit with an independent heat pipe to provide passive cooling which helps to deliver exceptionally high efficiency ratings.

Precise, demand based cooling

Frequency converters precisly adjust the speed of the DC motors controlling the fans and compressor via voltage control, which allows the cooling output to be tailored to the current environmental requirements and deliver demand based cooling. This results in a significant reduction of energy consumption over conventional solutions.

Precise, demand based cooling ensures minimal thermal stress for components within enclosures, eliminating constant temperature fluctuations (such as in the conventional two-point control systems). This not only increases the service life of the cooling units and enclosure components, it also means higher process reliability.

Multi-voltage capability

All the units in the new range can be operated worldwide thanks to the innovative multi-voltage capability. Permissible input voltage ranges from 110 V (single-phase) to 480 V (three-phase) in conjunction with a mains frequency of 50 Hz or 60 Hz.

Rittal Blue e+ units also excel in terms of connectivity, safety and handling. The units feature a graphical touchscreen control panel which displays all key information at a glance. System messages appear as plain text and are multi-lingual while standardised communication interfaces ensure easy integration into a production plant’s control systems.

A newly released IoT interface means Blue e+ units can also link to customer-owned monitoring, energy management and/or superordinate systems via OPC-UA, Profinet, SNMP, Modbus TCP and CANopen, enabling predictive maintenance, data analytics and more.

In addition to the CULUS listing, Rittal cooling units and fan-and-filter units also now have a UL listing in the new “FTTA” (Environmental-rated Accessories for Enclosures) category. “The FTTA approval, means the type rating/IP protection class of the climate-controlled enclosure is certified by UL. It’s a common question on user groups, and I’m delighted we can offer an authoritative response,” says Karl.

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Rittal Blue e Enclosure Cooling Units