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Red Lion Crimson Software Now Supports Over 300 Different Communication Protocols

Red Lion have announced that their Crimson 3.0 software has reached a milestone with communication support for more than 300 industrial protocols. Protocol conversion is a key element needed to make the concept of the Connected Factory a reality, empowering plant managers to adapt existing equipment including drives, PLCs and HMIs to drive efficiency while reducing total cost of ownership in industrial environments.

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With just a few clicks, Crimson converts protocols for disparate industrial devices, allowing them to share work-in-process, machine status and other information. Deployed on the award-winning Red Lion Graphite HMI panels, ProducTVity Station™, Data Station Plus or other industrial automation offerings, Crimson gives organizations the ability to boost productivity, optimize material usage and troubleshoot systems in real time. Supporting the simultaneous conversion of multiple protocols, the use of Red Lion’s Crimson-enabled products allow companies to easily integrate almost any PLC, PC or SCADA system for data collection, monitoring and control of factory floor equipment from different manufacturers.

Video: An Introduction to Red Lion Crimson 2.0 Software

What are people saying about Red Lion Crimson?

"One of the many challenges faced by end users, OEMs and system integrators is to find software tools that enable communications between hundreds of disparate devices and protocols in both a cost effective and time effective manner. These software tools must be intuitive enough to enable disparate device and protocol communications via simple configuration programs that do not require programming or training. Red Lion's Crimson 3.0 software appears to fulfill these market requirements that in turn provides the business benefits of quicker project deployment, better asset utilization and a greater number of devices actively communicating, all of which results in increased productivity and profitability for manufacturers and integrators alike."

Craig Resnick, Vice President
ARC Advisory Group

“Connecting systems and sharing information enables companies to optimize productivity and streamline processes, but in order to do that the devices need to be able to communicate. By offering support for over 300 industrial protocols that vary from proprietary to open-source, we give our customers the industry’s widest range of choices to seamlessly extend connectivity across the factory floor to remote locations without requiring new equipment investments.”

Jeff Thornton, Director of Product Management
Red Lion Controls

Red Lion Crimson Software is Free!

Four versions of Red Lion Crimson Software are available, depending on the product you're using - and best of all, they are free! Click here to download the latest version  from the Red Lion Website, along with all the manuals, tutorials and guides you could possibly need.

Red Lion software supports over 300 communication protocols

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