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Red Lion FlexEdge™ - Linking Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow in the Water and Wastewater Industry.

With FlexEdge™, Red Lion can seamlessly integrate all your water and wastewater infrastructure equipment no matter it's manufacturer or age. With it's future-proof, modular design you can also focus on improving business efficiency today, instead of worrying about choosing the right combination of products to suit your future requirements.

FlexEdge™ combines the scalability of Linux with the power of Crimson® Software in a single product, connecting virtually any device - regardless of manufacturer - with point-and-click simplicity. This all-in-one environment eliminates the need for multiple configuration tools, providing dependable operation and real-time decision-making to deliver process efficiencies.

FlexEdge in the Water Industry

Best of all, FlexEdge™ can modernise your ageing communication and control infrastructures, by connecting both new and existing devices to your system, reducing overall downtime and allowing frictionless scalability for large deployments.

Start Small - Think Big

Whatever your current challenges, this revolutionary system brings a new degree of versatility to edge computing, helping you to make productivity and efficiency gains from digital transformation initiatives with point-and-click simplicity.

Engineered for water industry customers who want to effortlessly connect systems and process data, FlexEdge’s modular architecture boasts a variety of wireless and wired communication options. This breadth of options makes it easy to configure a communication gateway that connects with all your equipment, regardless of protocol or manufacturer. And unlike fixed-function devices that require customers to learn many products, or systems that take up unnecessary space - FlexEdge can adapt as quickly as your needs change. 

Watch; Red Lion Launch FlexEdge at SPS

Designed with engineers in mind, Red Lion’s FlexEdge is a single platform that can solve most challenges, reducing the number of deployed devices & application complexity. For networking engineers, it’s a robust, industrial-grade network gateway to securely connect different networks with powerful networking functionality.

Protocol Converter

FlexEdge includes over 300 protocols, so you are bound to have the ones you need to quickly and easily connect, monitor, and control all your systems, even the old legacy equipment that has been sitting there for years.

Advanced Web Server

JavaScript, Bootstrap, CSS & HMTL5 support delivers operations visibility, while the virtual HMI allows operators to interact with a deployed gateway anywhere in the world.

Cellular Gateway

Cellular communication is a secure and reliable way to collect data, visualise information, and manage your operations remotely. With dual SIM slots available on the cellular communication sled, FlexEdge adds robustness to cellular communication and ensure connectivity when you need it.

Point-and-Click Cloud Connectivity

Easily connect asset data to an IIoT cloud to monitor or control your systems and processes without owning and managing the server architecture. Predefined protocols make it easy to connect your assets to the IIoT cloud.

Looking for more information? We can help with that...

LC Automation along with key suppliers including Red Lion Controls have the products and expertise to make the IIoT a reality within the water and wastewater industry. If you would like more information about FlexEdge, or would like to discuss your specific application, call David Elliott on 01254 685900 and he will be happy to answer your questions.

Red Lion FlexEdge - Linking the Water & Wastewater Industries

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