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Control Systems Integrator is Reaping The Benefits Of Tosibox Secure Connectivity

When DB Control & HVAC Services started investigating remote maintenance solutions, Tosibox was included, not only to see how easy and manageable it was for their business, but also how they could translate that connectivity into value for their clients and potential business deals moving into the future.

For the last 17 years, DB Control & HVAC Services, a Control and Maintenance Integration company, has been specialising in highly secure remote access control solutions that allow BMS, Energy Management & Proprietary D.D.C control systems to be integrated with Service and Diagnostic Software, managed through a single remote access platform. They have successfully completed over 350 commercial and industrial HVAC and D.D.C projects throughout West Australia.

Challenge: On-site Support Over Vast Distances

DB Control & HVAC Services specialise in combining highly secure IoT remote access platforms, automated control systems and HVAC diagnostic software.

Hundreds of installations needed support, but vast distances in Western Australia make it impossible to provide on-site maintenance. Dealing with multiple vendors and applications, it was challenging to find a remote access technology that would be compatible with all their clients' systems.

Solution: Tosibox Technology With Secure Two-Way Connectivity

During the evaluations stage, DB Control & HVAC Services saw how easily Tosibox solutions could bring the client's assets from a far distance to the company's office without the need for any changes in the environment. 

One of the advantages of using Tosibox technology is its compatibility with all building automation brands and providers in the market and transmits any form of data, regardless of the protocol.

Another perk of the Tosibox solution was standard deployment. The same network configuration can be used each and every time instead of spending hours fixing separate network properties for every site. The configuration can be automated so the whole deployment takes place in only 15 seconds.

How Tosibox Works
Image; How Tosibox Remote Access Works

Real-time Data

DB Control & HVAC Services quickly configures the Tosibox Locks before shipping them to the site. Once connected, they provide data in real time between the business and the client’s on-site network. The two-way connectivity provides an instant access for remote maintenance and support with a secure connection.

The DB Control & HVAC Services Support team can now simultaneously connect to 13 separate control systems from several sites throughout Western Australia. Using the same remote monitoring platform, they can deploy proprietary diagnostic software to monitor the performance of 56 HVAC systems and 267 FCU’s.

Result: Instant Support, Reduced Downtime & Cost Savings

Connecting the control system interface along with the programming, commissioning and diagnostic software used by technicians on site, the company is able to resolve their clients' issues remotely, offering instant support and reduced downtime as well as significant cost savings by eliminating travel expenses such as flights and accommodation.

As a result of the flexibility that the Tosibox Locks offer, the company has been able to very quickly resolve issues on remote sites even if there is no remote monitor controls system currently setup. They utilise Tosibox Lock 500's which can be quickly configured and sent to site.

Onsite connection is as simple as plugging the LAN cable from the Lock 500 into the relevant control device to connect the device with a Tosibox Key and provide instant support for resolving onsite issues, The flexibility of the Tosibox Keys enables DB Controls technicians to instantly respond to site issues from anywhere in the world, using a range of devices such as PC's, laptops, tablets and smart phones. 

Benefits of Using Tosibox Remote Access

  • Reliable and secure connectivity for remote maintenance and support
  • Easy Plug & Go implementation without special IT skills
  • Embedded cyber security
  • Compatible with all vendors and applications, no need for any changes in the environment
  • Two-way communication gives OT networking and remote maintenance with one technology

"We now provide instant service and support to each of our clients' sites. I don't need to consider how we connect, or if it is secure, Tosibox automated technology takes care of all of that.

I get to focus on what we do best for the client & their BMS assets."
David Byrne, Managing Director at DB Controls & HVAC Services

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