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Pilz Custom-Fit Safety For Prototypes!

Safety relay myPNOZ as a tailor-made, just-in-time solution on an inline measurement station. It offers the right functionality for the safety concept on the inline measurement station, but also has another convincing feature: myPNOZ was delivered pre-configured and ready to install, so no programming work needed for commissioning.

The timing could not have been better. Andreas Flatscher, Electrical Engineer at Micado, was just starting to develop a safety concept for an inline measurement station when a newsletter landed in his inbox, announcing the launch of a new safety relay from Pilz. Micado is a supplier of automated solutions focusing on tailor-made, innovative customer applications.

"We are thinking about configuring a myPNOZ unit that will be suitable for 80 per cent of our applications. That's an attractive proposition"
Andreas Flatscher, Electrical Engineer at Micado

Good Partnership Brings Good Results

Micado has always been open to new products from its regular supplier. Like in early 2021 - the Tyroleans were the first to order a myPNOZ safety relay via Pilz's Austrian subsidiary. And that was before the official product launnch, which took place worldwide in early February. The innovative Austrians were proactive in acquiring the most important details of this customisable, need-based safety solution in advance. 

"As soon as I received the notification I enquired immediately. What goodies have Pilz come up with now? And once I knew what myPNOZ is all about, I though: Yes, that's exactly right for me."
Andreas Flatscher, Electrical Engineer at Micado

Pilz myPNOZ in application case study

Perfect Timing For Tailor-Made Safety

From Micado's point of view, Pilz introduced the right product at the right time. That's because the modular safety relay myPNOZ is ideal for applications of low or average complexity, monitoring up to 16 safety functions. This product can be configured individually without any knowledge of programming and essentially is still a safety relay. This new safety solution can be tailor-made to meet requirements and is configured using the myPNOZ Creator tool. 

Cost Effective, Tailor-Made Solution

The safety solution was configured completely via the intuitive online tool myPNOZ Creator, which makes the configuration simple to create. The Pilz solution meets all the requirements. And also saves time: up to one hour per machine for each commissioning task, which otherwise would have to have been implemented on site, involving a great deal of programming and wiring, plus a subsequent I/O check to validate the entire system. 

"Our application is exactly what Pilz describes as typical for myPNOZ: we had three safety functions to reproduce - an emergency stop, a safety gate required for setup and maintenance work, and a safety flap to prevent intervention in the upstream machine. In terms of safety our system also had to harmonise with the upstream and downstream production process."
Andreas Flatscher, Electrical Engineer at Micado

Quality and Service Make The Difference

Although the engineers at Micado have built up a wealth of safety expertise over the years and only rarely need to fall back on additional expertise from outside, they believe that Pilz is a reliable partner to have at their side in an emergency. As far as myPNOZ is concerned, the Oberlienz-based company is already thinking about future application areas. What's more, with its new myPNOZ Andreas Dorer - Micado's Chief Technology Officer - implies that Pilz has launched a safety relay with real bestseller potential.

Looking for more information? We can help with that...

If you want to know how Pilz myPNOZ can help your operation, or have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch on 01254 685900 and our Internal Sales Advisors or Technical Support Engineers will be happy to chat!

Pilz myPNOZ

Pilz myPNOZ Case study

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