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The Perfect Climate Control Inside your Enclosure - Download Our Free Whitepaper

Electrical installations Are Becoming More Compact and The Number of Circuits Per Unit Volume Is increasing.

The result is a higher heat development per unit volume. A constant temperature is the best condition for long life and high reliability of all your electronic components. Especially with a completely fully assembled housing, it is important that sufficient cool air flows past the components.

There are various options to realise this as efficiently and responsibly as possible, but insight is necessary to make the right choice. At Rittal, they have created a highly useful white paper that explains the basics of control cabinet climate control. 

This White Paper Covers The Follow Topics: 

  • Heat transfer
  • Basic cabinet area calculation
  • Setup method
  • Dimensioning

There are a number of ways of achieving effective, control cabinet climate control, as efficiently as possible, but the right choice depends on a number of factors. Rittal's white paper explains the basics of enclosure climate control.

A safe and secure environment for sensitive electronic devices is important in every industry and every process. Still, maintaining an acceptable temperature within an enclosure is often overlooked. Allowing an electronic device to overheat can cause failures, which can in turn lead to large scale issues within the process including expensive line stoppages. 

Ever-increasing Power Density

However sensitive the devices in these enclosures are, they have an ever-increasing power density. This can be useful, but it also has a drawback. More heat is generated over a smaller area, increasing the risk of malfunctions due to overheating.

In this latest white paper, Rittal explains the foundation of a perfect climate for sensitive electronic devices in the enclosure. Click here to download your free Rittal White paper and read all about industrial climate control, complete with further information and insight of formulas, calculations, illustrations, examples and numerous conclusions.

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The Perfect Climate Inside Your Enclosure - Rittal Whitepaper


The Perfect Climate Inside Your Enclosure - Rittal Whitepaper