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Introducing Lutze Panelcon - The Perfect Solution For Safe Control Panel Access

As a manufacturing engineer, we understand that providing safe access to your control panels and machines for maintenance, service, and updates is an essential part of your job. That's why we're excited to introduce the Lutze Panelcon - the new panel connector that is designed for easy and safe access to control panels without the need to isolate power.

Why Should You Choose Lutze Panelcon?

Lutze Panelcon gives a tight, secure and attractive transfer point and service interface, while the transparent hinged lid ensures ease of handling. With the respective connection type clearly visible under the hinged lid, engineers can easily identify which connector (such as RJ 45 or USB) is beneath them, important where there are multiple options.

These innovative panel connectors are made of highly durable and impact resistant material, and the housing is sealed with a two-part mould which is permanently attached to the casing. This helps to achieve an IP69K protection rating, so Panelcon is ideal for outdoor conditions or use with high-pressure water jets.

"As an engineer, I understand the importance of safe and easy access to machines for
maintenance, service, and updates. With Lutze Panelcon, I can achieve just that, even
when the control panels are exposed to high pressure water jets in our wash-down areas.
I can now access the control panel without stopping production, which makes a huge
difference to our productivity and keeps my boss happy. They were easy to fit too.

I highly recommend the Lutze Panelcon panel connectors for anyone looking for a safe
and efficient way to access to their machines."

- Mark, an engineer with a Food Manufacturer in the Meat Processing Industry

Is Lutze Panelcon Easy To Install?

Yes, installing the Lutze Panelcon is a breeze. In fact, with flexible nubs on the thread to prevent the panel conductor from slipping out, you can install it with just one hand. To make it easier, it also fits the standard 22.5mm cut-out for buttons and switches and has a 'coding nose' to ensure precise positioning in the cut-out.

Contact LC Automation Today

We're here to help - if you have any questions or want to know more about the Lutze Panelcon, please don't hesitate to contact us at 01254 685900. Our Internal Sales Advisors and Technical Support Engineers are always happy to chat and provide you with the information you need. Invest in the Lutze Panelcon today and enjoy easy, safe, and secure access to your control panel!

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