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New IDEM IP69K Emergency Stop Switch Designed for Strict Washdown Environments

IDEM’s new ESL-SS-WR is a water resistant Emergency Stop Switch that has been designed to provide robust Emergency Stop protection for applications in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

The unique design features a single piece enclosure with a curved edge for ease of cleaning. The mirror polished surface to Ra10 is designed to cope with direct food splash and cleaning found in the tough applications of the Food Processing Industries. Should the button end up on the production line, the ESL-SS-WR features IDEM’s unique X-Ray detectable material.

New IDEM IP69K Emergency Stop Switch Designed for Strict Washdown Requirements at LC Automation


Tested to IP69K

The ESL-SS-WR has been tested to IP69K and meets the requirements of food contact and splash zones. The button is designed using a special material that is metal and x-ray detectable, for use in modern food production environments.

Optional accessories include a stainless-steel spacer kit and rubber seal for ESL-SS-WR. The rubber seal provides a tight water-resistant seal around the base of the switch when bolted to a machine. In addition, the spacer kit also provides a stainless steel backplate and 4xM4 spacers, raising the switch of the surface to prevent liquids from accumulating at the rear.

IDEM designs and manufactures a vast range of machine safety products that, it says, “save lives and improves productivity. Each product has been engineered with the customer in mind, ensuring long-term reliability, even in the harshest of environments”.

Product Features

  • Contacts: 4 Pole Positively Operated Contact Blocks
  • Conduit Entry: M20 or 1/2″NPT fitting
  • IP69K Protection Rating
  • Conforms to ISO13850, EN60947-5-1 and EN60947-5-5.

Special Features

  • Designed with a special lid safety trip mechanism means that the safety contacts will open if the lid is removed from the Emergency Stop Switch adding an extra level of protection
  • Unique X-Ray detectable plastic button
  • Single piece enclosure with a curved mirror polished surface reduces the likelihood of liquids remaining on the surface after cleaning
  • Stand off spacers available

Looking for more information? We can help with that...

If you want more information on IDEM Emergency Stop Safety Switches, or would like to discuss your specific machinery safety application, please call our Head Office Sales Department on 0124 685900. Our Technical Support or Safety Application Engineers will be happy to discuss the best option for your requirements.

New IDEM IP69K Emergency Stop Switch Designed for Strict Washdown Requirements at LC Automation

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