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Multifunctional Safety Relay Modules: Schmersal
Protect SRB-E

Schmersal has launched a new family of multi-function safety relay modules - the Protect SRB-E. Each module can be configured for up to eleven different applications via a simple control element, which means a basic version can replace several traditional safety relay modules.

The drastic reduction in the number of variants and the clear display of the relevant functions makes it considerably easier for the installation engineer to select the right module for their particular application. All conventional safety sensors and electromechanical safety equipment can be monitored. 

One version of the new Protect SRB-E range is also distinguished by p-type fail-safe power semi-conductor outputs up to 5.5 A. This SRB-E variant is particularly suited to fail-safe applications with high switching capacity in conjunction with short cycle times. Other versions are equipped with a combination of secure relay outputs and Si-semi-conductor outputs of cat. 4 / PL e or with an input extension for up to four sensors, which can also be monitored up to a performance level of PL e.

A combined version makes it possible to monitor two safety functions with one device, such as a two-hand control panel and an emergency stop push-button. The fail-safe outputs are available separately, but can be linked by the user according to the application.

Video: Introduction to the Schmersal Protect SRB-E


  • Up to 11 different applications can be selected
  • Monitoring of all conventional safety switchgear
  • Safety level up to PLe / SIL3 can be achieved
  • Simple adjustment using rotary switch
  • Selected application can be locked using seal
  • Quick response time to request <10ms
  • Slot-in termination with coding
  • Excellent switching performance and short cycle times


  • 1 or 2 channel signal evaluation
  • Contact configuration can be selected for sensors
  • Start / Restart function with monitoring
  • Input expanders for 4 sensors up to PLe
  • Cascading using safe inputs
  • Combines evaluation for 2 protective devices
  • Two-hand control monitoring according to type IIIC
  • STOP Category 0 and 1
  • Up to 5 safety outputs
  • Safety category 4, Ple semi-conductor outputs up to 5.5A


  • Installation width for all device variants 22.5mm
  • Up to 24 connecting terminals
  • Up to 10 safe inputs and 5 safe outputs
  • Up to 4 signalling outputs
  • Holder for equipment label

Looking for more information? We can help with that...

If you would like more information about Schmersal Protect SRB-E range, either download a copy of the new catalogue on the right or call our Head Office Sales Department on 01254 685900. You will be able to discuss your safety application and requirements with one of our Technical Support or Application Engineers.

Schmersal Protect SRB-E Multi-function Safety Relay Modules