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Reduce Machine Downtime with Mitsubishi Electric SmartCheck Condition Monitoring

It is estimated that machine downtime costs UK manufacturers £180bn every year (The Engineer Magazine, Nov 2017 'Counting the Cost of UK Downtime'). The research by Oneserve, found that broken machinery and faulty parts are hampering productivity, equivalent to 3% of all working days. Condition Monitoring, such as Mitsubishi SmartCheck offers a predictive approach to plant maintenance, keeping downtime to a minimum.

Counting the cost of UK Downtime

See 'Counting the Cost of UK Downtime", page 46 in The Engineer - November 2017   

Manufacturers need to respond to global competition and sourcing. There is a real need to look for solutions based on reducing cost, eliminating risks, improving system design and helping to manage maintenance to maximise reliable production. Mitsubishi SmartCheck offers;

     •  Reliable online machine monitoring
     •  Plan your maintenance to reduce downtime
     •  Easy installation and intuitive operation
     •  Flexible and expandable system
     •  Monitor motors, gearboxes, pumps & fans

To optimise maintenance activities it is crucial to have up to date visibility of the status of machinery, especially primary assets such as motors, fans, pumps and gearboxes.

Integrated Solutions

Integrated solutions from Mitsubishi Electric collect live data from advanced measurement sensors for analysis by multiple levels of management systems. 

Video: Mitsubishi SmartCheck Smart Condition Monitoring (SCM) for preventative maintenance

Standard Monitoring v's a more Advanced Approach

Standard monitoring concepts often focus on only classic machine and process parameters such as temperature, pressure or hours of operation. Chris Proctor, CEO of Oneserve, said "Vibrations are usually the first sign a machine is breaking... they cause a cascading effect that can have a devastaing effect on the machine." Smart Condition Monitoring (SCM) with FAG SmartCheck sensors can permanently monitoring vibration-based parameters on your essential machinery. 

Mitsubishi Electric, in conjunction with Schaeffler, can provide an integrated approach to monitor the condition of the asset. Information can be automatically transferred over Ethernet via the iQ, iQF and L-series MELSEC SmartControllers to multiple information levels.

Traffic light system for easy recognition

The status of the SmartCheck is displayed like traffic light signs in green, yellow and red for easy recognition. The information will also be sent to the controller and viewed as clear text message offering advice for service and maintenance.




Operating Benefits Include:

  • Reliable online monitoring on the machine
    Innovative vibration sensor with patented diagnosis technology 
  • Intelligent process monitoring
    Recording of different process parameters and correlation with vibration signals 
  • Easy installation
    Less wiring and easy integration due to the device’s compact size 
  • Intuitive operation
    Automatic adjustment of alarm thresholds thanks to self learning mode (plug and play option), LED error indicator 
  • Long term storage of history data
    Information is available over a long term. An intelligent thinning-algorithm provides historical data for several years 
  • Flexible, expandable system
    Individually adaptable stand-alone system for new and existing applications 
  • Full service around machine diagnosis and rolling bearings
    Consulting, commissioning, remote service, maintenance contracts, training courses, rolling bearing solutions etc.


Looking for more information? We can help with that...

For more information on the Mitsubishi Electric SmartCheck, download a copy of the brochure on the right. Alternatively, give our Technical Support Engineers a call and they will be happy to discuss your specific requirements.

Mitsubishi Smartcheck Smart Condition Monitor



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