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Large Mitsubishi a.c. Inverters Now Have Built-in Ethernet Communication as Standard

In a move to give plant and engineering managers an edge in the highly competitive manufacturing market, Mitsubishi Electric has introduced Ethernet-connected versions of its popular FR-A800 and FR-F800 Series a.c. Inverters (also known as variable speed drives, or variable frequency drives).

The new FR-A800-E and FR-F800-E a.c. inverters provide Ethernet connectivity as standard, allowing them to be connected directly to automation equipment and plant information management systems.

Mitsubishi Electric FR-A800 Provide Maximum Performance for Plant and Machinery 

These a.c. inverters are ideal for factory automation, automotive and food processing sectors, and are well suited to wastewater treatment plants with a very useful cleaning (also known as de-ragging) function. They can be used in process control applications, multiple pump control systems and networks that require continuous monitoring, such as measuring energy consumption.

Video: Mitsubishi Electric FR-F800 a.c. Inverter for Fan and Pump Applications

The FR-A800-E and FR-F800-E a.c. inverters can easily be connected to an MES network, providing the ability to exchange data in either direction. By entering PLC programming directly into the drives, they can act as an interconnected 'team', without referring to a separate controller and can operate simultaneously within an Ethernet or other automation network, forming a gateway between a plant’s other automation equipment.

CC-Link IE Field and Modbus/TCP Ethernet

“These two new inverters, which also support CC-Link IE Field and Modbus/TCP Ethernet protocols, greatly improve plant connectivity,” said Chris Cusick, product manager at Mitsubishi Electric Automation, “The FR-A800-E and FR-F800-E can quickly and automatically identify all the a.c. inverters on a network using standard programming software. This can even be done remotely, reducing the need for site visits for commissioning.”

With an integrated web server and 100Mbit Ethernet TCP/IP connectivity as standard, in addition to the existing network options of the FR-A800 or FR-F800, provides machine builders and system integrators with remote system monitoring and parameter adjustment, as well as easy integration into existing network environments.

Key Benefits

  • Ethernet Communications as Standard 
    Communicate with Modbus TCP/IP or CC-Link IE Field Basic communications networks
    at a speed of 100Mbps without the need for an extra option card.
  • Automatic IP Address Detection
    Automatically detect the IP address of all connected inverters, for quick connection
    and easy programming using FR-Configurator2 software.
  • Remote Operation
    Remotely communicate with an inverter for commissioning, monitoring or
    troubleshooting, anytime from anywhere.
  • CC-Link IE Field Network Basic
    Fast and dependable connection to Mitsubishi Electric PLCs, servos, and robots using 
    CC-Link IE Field basic for a complete factory solution.
  • Multiple Protocol Capability
    Network option cards offer connection to other inverter based networks and a higher
    level information system.
  • Drive to Drive Communications
    Utilise the internal PLC to communicate without a master PLC controller allowing the
    inverters to work together as a team.
  • Reduced Cost
    Standard Ethernet connectivity without add-on modules.


Looking for more information? We can help with that...

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Mitsubishi FR-F800-E and FR-A800-E a.c. inverters with Ethernet as standard



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