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Mitsubishi Electric Discontinue FX1S and

Mitsubishi Electric have announced that their FX1S and FX1N PLCs, and some FX2N modules are no longer available to order. These compact PLCs have proved to be very popular over the past 15 years, but have been superceded by newer equivalents in the FX3S and FX3G series.

Better performance, considerably lower prices

Not only do these newer units offer vastly superior performance and functionality, they will also save customers money through lower prices. For example, the list price of the old FX1S-10MR-DS was £131 ex vat, whereas the FX3S version will only cost you £111 list.

Mitsubishi Electric announced the end of life for these products last year and the time for last orders was December 15th 2015.

Direct Replacements

The FX3S and FX3G series which directly replace the FX1S and FX1N have already been available for several years now and offer improved performance, better value for money as well as being easily deployed through Mitsubishi Electric backwards-compatibility features.

Mitsubishi Electric have supplied a comprehensive document which details all of the affected base units and modules and their recommended substitutes. It also clarifies which modules will continue to be manufactured. You can download the FX1S and FX1N replacement information here.

We have a wide range of replacements available to order online

Click here to see our FX3S range

Click here to see our FX3G range

Are you looking for more information?

Do you currently use Mitsubishi Electric FX1S or FX1N PLCs? Are you concerned that you won't be able to get hold of the products you usually buy? Don't worry, we are here to help you in the transition to the newer, better and lower cost products. Speak to your local Field Sales Engineer, or call LC Automation on 01254 685900 and speak to our Technical Support Engineers. They will be happy to discuss your options and the best Mitsubishi Electric PLC for your specific application.

Mitsubishi Discontinue FX1S and FX1N PLCs