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Machine Builder uses TOSIBOX for Remote Monitoring, Improving Reliability & Uptime

Industrial IoT concepts are inspiring new business models for manufacturing. In turn, manufacturers are asking equipment makers to find new ways to help them improve machine reliability and production uptime.

Ecoclean Inc. provides remote monitoring and diagnostics services using Profinet networks. Often, Ecoclean washers can be fed from many production lines and as a key part of the quality control process, their reliability is critical.

The Challenge

Ecoclean’s technical support involves three tiers of service, beginning with remote diagnostics of the PLCs, HMIs, robots, a.c. Inverters and other components that control the cleaning machines. Online troubleshooting, modifying parameters for process control, software upgrades, and adjustments to the PLC code can be handled remotely.

Statistical data from the machines also can be logged and used to identify trends or make decisions about preventive maintenance prior to any equipment failure. A third service level enables the information that’s been compiled to be displayed on a custom dashboard.

Ecoclean’s primary goal was to maximise uptime and customer satisfaction, as well as identifying ways to improve their products. Algorithms evaluate machine performance and help service technicians to troubleshoot issues and provide better support.

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The Solution

The first installation of Ecoclean’s new remote support capability was at the Hugo Benzing manufacturing facility in Michigan. The plant has a Profinet network, which allowed Ecoclean technicians to remotely connect to the network and clean machines using a TOSIBOX® Lock.

Although there was a range of different options, the use of Profinet was fundamental because of its functionality and how it processes safety signals. Installed devices had embedded hardware configurations, dedicated diagnostic signals, and priority settings for safety, which made sure the system is easy to upsize without impacting functionality.

Ecoclean and the customer ruled out using a cloud-based system for remote technical support because it would have slowed down response time for remote technicians. There was also a question over the security of customer data since a third-party service would have been required.

Streamlined Ordering and Support

Ecoclean’s back office engineering and technical support specialists interact with customers on a daily basis. Spare parts and service sales staff take leads from machine data and automatically sort it, streamlining the ordering and support process. Customers can now select remote support from machine and process specialists.

Ecoclean intends to embed remote service capability into each new capital sale, making the hardware standard and the service contract an option for customers that require high uptime through preventive maintenance and statistical analysis.

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