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Long Cable Runs? Safety Critical Circuits? Maybe it’s time for a rethink?... Think LOCC Box!

The internal resistance of a circuit is of major importance in case of a fault, and therefore represents a critical parameter. What good is the best reserve capacity in a power pack if Ohm's law does not permit the required current to be generated?

LOCC Box makes cable protection possible

LOCC Box is the multi-talented intelligent current monitoring system from Lutze. in addition to the electronic overload and short circuit monitoring, it also meets the requirements for selective shutdown with high cable impedance. LOCC Box can also be integrated into the existing communication level - for safe line protection the switching of capacitive loads is optimal at all times. The system stores errors and thereby prevents the reoccurrence of the disturbance at the next switch-on. The error reporting with the LOCC Box uses hardware; or via a gateway to CANopen, ProfiNet, Profibus DP or EtherCat, for convenient line protection!

Video; LOCC-Box diagnostic options offer energy management for control units of the future.

Fully adjustable: LOCC Box offers a variety of settings and configurations, which you can seal after adjusting:

  • Rated current from 1A to 10A
  • Characteristics from fast- to slow acting
  • Power on-effect for switching capacitive loads
  • Single or multiple fault method with storage of the last condition
  • Spring terminals for use in strong vibration areas
  • Compact - only 8.1 mm wide
  • Temperature-independent response time
  • Contact slot for use of jumper links
  • interruption-free supply via screwless contact slide
  • Manual or remote On/Off
  • 4 different status displays
  • Flammability class according to UL 94-V0, NFF I2,F2
  • Optional network gateway
  • International approval according to UL 508

Free software - LOCC Pads

The Lutze LOCC Box uses free Windows software, LOCC Pads, to record all operating conditions and has a visualization of current and voltage available to the user. Using a Gateway you can also monitor the LOCC Box using CANopen, Profibus DP, ProfiNet and EtherCat and adjust any function via your control system - with line protection for security!

Lutze LOCC Box



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