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We Have a Big Announcement - LC Automation has become an Authorised Pilz Distributor!

OK, before we start popping the champagne, we know what you are thinking; ‘Hang on, hasn’t LC Automation been supplying Pilz products for ages?’ Well yes. You’re right, we have.

So, what difference is this going to make?

Well, at LC Automation we love it when we work closely with other people. We love building long term relationships with you, our customers – and we believe that one of the best ways to do that, is to build much stronger relationships with our suppliers.

At LC Automation we don’t just supply anything. We carefully choose the suppliers that we want to work with. Whether that’s because they supply you with the best products, or they have the best support, or more often than not, they have the best products and the best support.

LC Automation is a Pilz Authorised Distributor

Nigel Dean, LC Automation Marketing Manager explains; 'It’s great when major suppliers like Pilz repay our loyalty & customer focus with Authorised Distributor Status. It shows we must be doing something right".

Even Better Customer Support

As we work more closely with Pilz, you will get access to the widest range of products and even better support, such as faster response times to sales or technical enquiries. In time we will also increase our stocks of the products you purchase most often (but we'll let you know about that).

Integrate Pilz Safety into Your Automation Solution

Our sales and technical support engineers will also be working more closely with Pilz experts and get more in-depth training, so we can help you to integrate their innovative safety products with equipment from our other suppliers, into your ideal automation solution.

So, will it really make a difference to you? Definitely.

Why Go Anywhere Else?

If you’re thinking of using Pilz products in the future and you want to integrate them with your control equipment into a seamless automation solution, why would you go anywhere else? As an Authorised Distributor, LC Automation can supply you with the Pilz products you want, backed up by customer service and technical support that is better than ever.

That is the difference.

Give Us a Try...

If you want to try us out, get in touch with LC Automation to discuss your next Pilz safety application. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed but let us know what you think.

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