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IDEM TouchSafe Two-Hand Control Stations - Keeping your Operatives Safe! 

The TouchSafe stations are intended for use as part of a Two-Hand control system for powered machinery. The Two-hand control station is permanently situated a specified distance away from the hazard and confirms the operators position such that the machine function will stop before the operator could reach the hazard!

IDEM's TouchSafe Two-Hand Control panels are designed to provide reliable protection by ensuring the machine operators hands are located on the control station when the signal for machine operation is issued. They are generally used for setting up work, such as press applications. Other uses include single stroke operations for feed and removal processes.

What are Two-Hand Control Switches?

Safety Two-Hand Control Switches are used to safeguard the hands of an operator in industrial situations where machine operation may be hazardous. In order to operate the machine, both hands must be used. This means machinery will not start until both hands are confirmed to be in a safe position, and the operator at a safe distance. 

Dangerous work steps can only be triggered when both Two-Hand buttons are operated simultaneously i.e. within 0.5 seconds. It is ensured a single fault or a malfunction does not result in the loss of the safety function and every fault is detected by the clinic self-monitoring at the latest prior to the next actuation. 

Where Would You Find a Two-Hand Control Switch?

Two-Hand safety modules are used in many applications. Some examples include preferred protection devices for use in setting up work and single stroke operations for feed and removal processes. 

IDEM Two-hand control systems in application


TouchSafe is fully configurable - providing the operator with an ergonomic solution that is both easy to use and packed with functionality. The base unit comes with five dia' 22.5mm clearance holes for pilot devices. Unused slots come with blanking plugs.

Let's Talk... Control Functions!

Choose Your Button Type...

TouchSafe is available with 2 button types, both simple to install via an M12 connector. 

The MF and ZF buttons are designed to be operated by hand to maintain electrical outputs to a control circuit whilst direct hand contact is maintained.

Zero Force (ZF)

  • Electronic Button
  • Senses Operators Hand for Proximity
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Dual Colour LED
  • 100% Replaceable with Plug and Play M12 Connector
  • Designed to Eliminate Hand or Wrist Stresses

Mechanical Force (MF)

  • Spring Loaded Button
  • Requires Mechanical Operation , Push the Button
  • Industry Standard Design
  • High Mechanical Life Cycle
  • 100% replaceable with plug and play M12 connector
  • Designed for Less Frequent Operational Use

Every TouchSafe unit comes with five dia' 22.5mm clearance holes. IDEM offers a range of pilot devices suitable for use with TouchSafe, installed by the end user. 

IDEM ZF and MF button

IDEM Two-hand control system control buttons

Meeting Important Safety Requirements

When it comes to meeting safety requirements, IDEM are always on top of the game.

The TouchSafe station prevents the potential defeat of an operator using one hand to press both buttons as the buttons are at least 260mm apart, meaning (we hope) nobody has a hand big enough to reach both, and allow the machine to run. The prevention of defeat using the hand and elbow of the same arm is protected via the shielding and seperation of the buttons by at least 550mm.
When used with the floor stands, the station satisfies the measures to prevent defeat by using other parts of the body, like hip and knee, in conjunction with one hand. The control actuating devices (buttons) should be on a horizontal or nearly horizontal surface which is at least 1100mm above the floor or level of access.

Looking for more information? We can help with that...

If you're interested in the IDEM TouchSafe Two-Hand Control Stations and want to know more, or have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch on 01254 685900 and our Internal Sales Advisors or Technical Support Engineers will be happy to chat!

IDEM Two-hand control station

IDEM Two-hand control system

IDEM Two-hand control system



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