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IAI Expand Their Range of Electrically Driven Grippers with the Introduction of the RCP6-GRT7

New Thin Gripper has Higher Rigidity, Higher Grip Force, a Height of Only 39mm - and an absolute encoder as standard.

The latest IAI grippers are equipped with battery-less absolute encoder as standard, meaning that a home return reset is no longer required after power cycle or emergency stop. The gripper retains it's position, and then recommences movement from that position.

Slimmer, for greater flexibility

Mechanically, it is slimmer than previous models, offering greater flexibility in both mounting and cable exit options. This makes it suitable for even more opportunities on Cartesian, SCARA, or Articulated Arm Robots.

Three stroke distances are available:

  • 30mm with a controllable gripping force of 35N - 140N
  • 40mm with a controllable gripping force of 50N - 150N, or 80N - 300N
  • 80mm with a controllable gripping force of 50N - 150N, or 80N - 300N

Higher rigidity of the gripper body has also increased the possible length and overhang of the gripping finger when compared to conventional models.

A pneumatic gripper is often the only non-electrically powered axis on an industrial robot. The launch of the IAI RCP6-GRT7 provides opportunities for designers to remove the air power completely, whilst improving overall accuracy and control.

Advantages of the IAI RCP6-GRT7 include;

Battery-less absolute encoder as standard
Home return is no longer required when restarting the equipment; you can move to the next operation while gripping the workpiece.

Flat Shape with a height of just 39mm
The innovative design of this new series has reduced it's height by as much 55%, when compared to conventional grippers.

High rigidity
Adopting an integrated body frame guide with proven performance for linear axes, means the gripping point distance and overhang amount have both been improved.

High grip force
Highest-class grip force of up to 300N. (Current limit value 70%)

Improved Mounting Freedom
4-side mounting (including mounting on the finger operation surface), allows the wiring exit direction and surface to be changed. You can select the mounting/wiring position that best suits your equipment.

Cost saving
The new range is 39% cheaper than existing IAI products with an equivalent stroke.

Looking for more information? We can help with that...

If you would like more information about this new range of IAI grippers, or have a motion control application that you would like to discuss with our experts, give us a call on 01254 685900. They will be happy to advise you on the best solution for your application.

IAI RCP6-GRT7 Thin Gripper Series with Absolute Encoder


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