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IAI RCP5 Linear Actuators - Increased Speed, Longer Stroke and Higher Payload

The ROBO Cylinder RCP5 is a new family of actuators using battery-less absolute encoders. Available in both slide and rod types, they offer increased speed, stroke length and load capacity. 

IAI Application Guides and 'How to' videos 

The catalogue pages give an excellent overview of the capacity and capabilities of the RCP5 range, with maximum stroke, speed and payload of each model and how it fits into the whole IAI range. If you're looking for a linear actuator, or are considering a more efficient alternative to a pneumatic system, you can be sure that IAI will have a solution for you.

IAI ROBO Cylinder RCP5 in the LC Automation Catalogue
IAI ROBO Cylinder RCP5 in the latest LC Automation catalogue

ROBO Cylinder RCP5 features include:

  • Battery-less absolute encoder reduces reset time after power down
  • PowerCON controller technology for increased speed and payload
  • Rod types have longer strokes and can handle radial loads
  • Maintenance access is improved with easier access to the ball screw
  • Side mounted motors and belt drive versions extend the range
  • Clean room types are also available


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IAI RCP5 Linear Actuator

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