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Are Pneumatic Cylinders Holding You Back? Let Us Introduce You to The IAI EC EleCylinder Range...

Traditional pneumatic cylinders are like the pub bore; you know they are going to annoy you but you can't seem to get rid of them! Inefficient, unreliable and hard to control, we are willing to bet they are holding back your productivity.

Pneumatic cylinders (or air cylinders) have been around for years. They use air flow to control movement which means they can't operate at high velocity due to the impact at the stroke ends and are generally unreliable due to air leaks and gasket degredation. In the past that was acceptable, but now there is a much better solution - the IAI EleCylinder range.

IAI EleCylinder - The Better Alternative to Pneumatics.

Specifically designed to make it easy to replace your pneumatic cylinders, IAI EleCylinders are more reliable, easier to set up, easier to control and more efficient. They can reduce your costs and increase your productivity, while making life easier for your engineers. We think that's a win, win, win... well, you get the idea.

Production Managers, Do You Want To Increase Your Productivity?

Smooth operation and improved control allows IAI EleCylinders to run at higher velocity than pneumatic alternatives. When you are producing high numbers of items, reducing cycle times even by a fraction of a second can make a huge difference to your productivity.

Do you want to produce the same amount of products using less equipment, or use the same equipment to produce a much higher volume of products? Either way, IAI EleCylinders mean more profit!

IAI EleCylinders can increase productivity compared to air cylinders


Engineers, Do You Want To Reduce Set-up Time?

The IAI EleCylinder allows fine adjustment of Acceleration, Velocity and Deceleration which is just not possible with air cylinders. Simply by changing individual percentages, you can quickly optimise (and adjust) the operating conditions to suit your application. It is incredibly easy compared to adjusting the flow valves on your air cylinders.

IAI EleCylinders are easier to adjust and control than air cylinders

Maintenance Engineers, Do You Want To Stop Replacing Your Air Cylinders?

Air cylinders need to be replaced due to gasket or seal degredation and overall wear and tear. Their operation results in high impact which can literally shake them to pieces.

The smooth operation and ability to control IAI EleCylinders massively extends their lifespan which means you spend less time stopping production, replacing the air cylinder and setting up the replacement.

Looking for more information? We can help with that...

A huge choice of units available; Rod or Slider types, Compact, High Rigidity, Waterproof/dust proof, making IAI EleCylinder suitable for an equally huge number of applications. If you would like more information about IAI EleCylinder, request a copy of the latest catalogue on the right.

We are also offering a no-obligation demo, so why not see the benefits of IAI EleCylinder for yourself? Fill in the form or call 01254 685900 and speak to our Motion Control Experts. They will be happy to arrange a suitable time for a demo or to advise you on the best solution for your application.


IAI EC EleCylinders are a great replacement for pneumatic air cylinders

We Have a Better Alternative to Traditional Air Cylinders...

Pneumatic Cylinders are Hard to Control - IAI EleCylinder is Better!

Pneumatic Cylinders are Inefficient - IAI EleCylinder is Better!

Pneumatic Cylinders are Unreliable - IAI EleCylinder is Better!