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IAI Extend Revolutionary EleCylinder Range.
The Best Just Got Better!

IAI launched the EleCylinder range as the 'best' alternative to air (pneumatic) cylinders, but that is simply not true. They are a BETTER ALTERNATIVE to air cylinders, offering better control, better efficiency and better reliability than air cylinder users could ever hope to achieve.

If you are one of the many people who find air cylinders are holding you back, whether that is because you are constantly called to adjust them, are forced to replace them every time they fail or find they are stifling your productivity, IAI EleCylinder now has waterproof, compact and extra rigid versions to suit even more of your industrial applications.

PDF Download: Additions to the IAI EleCylinder Range 

IAI has extended it's EleCylinder Range

With easy programming, no ongoing adjustment, long service life and dramatically shorter cycle times, IAI EleCylinder has been specifically designed to replace your traditional, old-fashioned air cylinders. The full range now includes;

Waterproof (IP67) Versions

  • Waterproof type with an IP67 protection rating.
  • The rod operates in the same way as a rod type air cylinder.
  • The Radial Cylinder type is equipped with a ball circulating type built-in linear guide.
  • Suitable for use in environments with flying dust or exposure to water.
  • Also ideal for food-preparation washdown areas.
  • Fluororubber seals (resistant to cutting oil & cleaning fluid) are available as an option.


Compact Versions

  • From just 55 × 105 × 78mm (including built-in controller)
  • For the slider type, the table on the top of the body operates.
  • For the mini guided rod type, the rod operates.
  • The use of a nut rotation mechanism reduces the size.
  • Suitable for conveying and pushing workpieces in narrow spaces.


High Rigidity (Higher Load) Versions

  • Slider type has up to 3.5 x the load of conventional models.
  • Radial (Rod) type has up to 2.5 x the load of conventional models.
  • The highly rigid structure supports loads using a built-in 4-row linear guide.
  • The Radial version is suitable for swinging operations such as clamping and opening/closing doors.
  • The Slider version is ideal where a large reaction force is applied, such as tightening screws or drilling holes.

IAI EleCylinder - The Better Alternative to Pneumatics.

IAI EleCylinder is a Better Alternative

Traditional air cylinders may be very cheap to buy, but their running costs are huge and the additional costs associated with set up and ensuring they continue to do their job will continue to mount up over their lifetime.

Electrical actuators are a great alternative to air cylinders, but until now they have been over-specified and too expensive for simple applications. The IAI EleCylinder is designed as a straightforward replacement for air cylinders, using similar on/off signals and 2-point operation to make it easy – and more cost effective.

Yes, the upfront costs are higher, but with better control, better repeatability and easier adjustment, over time they will enable your business to increase output, reduce costs and improve product quality.

Looking for More Information? We can help with that...

If you are fed up of trying to make your air cylinders work, or would like to know more about the IAI EleCylinder alternative, why not call 01254 685900 and our Technical Specialists will be happy to discuss your application. Whether Food & Beverage, Automotive or Process industry, we're sure that we can help you to find the best solution for your requirements.

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Pneumatic Cylinders are Hard to Control - IAI EleCylinder is Better!

Pneumatic Cylinders are Unreliable - IAI EleCylinder is Better!

Pneumatic Cylinders are Unreliable - IAI EleCylinder is Better!