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Looking to Upgrade to a Mitsubishi GOT 2000 HMI? These Add on Kits are Great Value!

Our Mitsubishi GOT HMI add on kits include the full iQ Works2 software suite (with programming software for every Mitsubishi Electric product including the GOT HMIs) - saving you over £750 compared to the usual selling price. See page 212 in our 2018/19 Product Catalogue.

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Available on all GOT2000 and GOT Simple HMIs, each kit includes the HMI with a 5m USB cable, a 2m Ethernet cable and full iQ Works2 software suite for just £250 more than the cost of the HMI. If you are looking to upgrade from the old E1000 series HMIs, this is the most cost effective way to get the new software you need.

Mitsubishi iQ Works2 Software Suite

The iQ Works2 software suite consists of programming and parameterisation software for ALL Mitsubishi Electric products (PLC, Servo/Motion, Robot and a.c. Inverters) and the excellent MELSOFT Navigator project management tool. Importantly, it also features the GT Works2 software that you need to programme your GOT2000 HMI. The full suite includes;

  • Melsoft Navigator - System management software 
  • GX Works3  - PLC programming software (with GX Developer to provide legacy support)
  • GT Works2 - GOT HMI designer software
  • MT Works2 - Motion controller engineering software 
  • RT ToolBox2 mini - Robot engineering software
  • FR Configurator2 - Inverter setup software


Mitsubishi GOT2000 Series HMIs

The fully updated GOT2000 series HMIs offer increased productivity with lower operating costs. The intuitive operation of the GT27 uses multi-touch function and gesture control, such as swipe, or pinch- zoom to enlarge windows - even while wearing gloves.

Although the GT23 series doesn’t include the multi-touch function, it still offers an excellent range of features, providing a lower-cost option. All units are programmed using the latest Mitsubishi GT Works3 software.

Range features (depending on specific model)

  • Multi-touch, pinch-zoom capability
  • Flush, white panel versions for food and beverage applications
  • Built-in Ethernet, RS232 & RS422/485
  • SD memory card slot
  • Operator authentication and logging
  • Wide choice of drivers for Mitsubishi and other manufacturers controllers
  • All versions have 65K colour screens
  • Oil resistant protective sheets available


Looking for more information? We can help with that...

If you would like further information about any GOT2000 Series HMI, download a copy of the PDFs on the right, or call our Head Office Sales Department on 01254 685900. Our Sales Advisors or Technical Support Engineers will be happy to help.

...or place your order online

Please note; Each GOT2000 HMI has a specific order code that you must use to get these add on kits. Click here to see our full range of Mitsubishi GOT HMIs  and the product list shows each individual HMI with it's add on kit below for £250 extra.

Mitsubishi GOT2000 add on kits with iQ Works Software