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Ethernet Arrives at Sensor Actuator Level!

While Ethernet and especially "Industrial Ethernet" has become accepted for time-critical applications in industrial automation in recent years, alternative technologies are often used to connect sensors and actuators.

This means there's a break between the Ethernet-based control level and the field level. In most cases, the familiar field bus systems or even analogue systems are used here.

Single Pair Ethernet

This is exactly where Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) comes into play and convinces with a variety of advantages. Sensor actuator connection is made by a single pair cable. The transition from the control level based on 4 or 2 paired cables to the field level does not require any change in the content of the Ethernet packets, therefore all that is required is a simple media convertor to bring the benefits of Ethernet directly to the field level. 

SPE cable and connectors are smaller and lighter reducing the mechanical challenges of direct communication with devices at the field level. Sensors and actuators will be able to communicate directly via this new technology via Ethernet directly to the cloud. 

SPE Supports PoDL

SPE supports PoDL (Power over data line) technology which means sensors have the possibility of power being supplied via the communications cable. 

Lutze is one of the first suppliers to combine the advantages of the new standard with the robust properties of a cable with a drag chain capability. Continuous movement applications can now also enjoy a wide range of advantages. When using Power over Data Lines (PoDL), SPE enables the simultaneous transmission of data and power over a single cable.

This also results in reduced weight and space savings in the chain in addition to reduced installation effort during initial commissioning and maintenance.

Thanks to the consistent use of the TCP/IP protocol, a multitude of new and flexible application possibilities arise for automation technology. The Lutze Superflex Single Pair Ethernet can support network speeds of 1Gbit/second and is particularly suitable for continuously moving applications. 

SPE Industrial Partner Network

Lutze is a member of the SPE Industrial Partner Network, which was founded in 2019, the group is an association of equal companies that are promoting the Single Pair Ethernet technology as the basis for the fast and successful growth of the IIoT and Industry 4.0.

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Lutze Ethernet Arrives at Sensor Actuator Level



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