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AuCom Soft Starters are the Final Piece of Our Complete Motor Control Solution!

We’re pleased to announce that AuCom Soft Starters are now available from LC Automation. Well known in the field of fixed speed motor control, the excellent AuCom range is the final piece of our motor control solution.

We have been selling Mitsubishi Electric a.c. Inverters for many years, so it’s fair to say we understand the motor control market pretty well. A.c. Inverters are ideal for a range of Energy Saving applications or situations where you need Variable Speed Control,  but a.c. Inverters don’t suit every motor control application and that’s where using a soft start can make a big difference.

The Best Protection for Your Motors

The main reason for using a Soft Start (and one of the major features of an a.c. inverter) is to stop your motors getting damaged. Where your motor turns a large mixer or drives a heavy conveyor belt, the motor often needs to draw too much current during start-up which can lead to excess heat and damage, shortening the lifespan of your motor. If your motors are showing signs of excessive wear or you have problems with heat or damage, a suitable Soft Start or a.c. Inverter could help.

Although it isn't always clearcut, if your motor is only going to run at full speed, a soft start can be more energy efficient, smaller, lower cost and produce less heat than an a.c. Inverter, while still protecting your motors from drawing too much current during start-up. Have you explored this option?

Get More Information About AuCom Motor Soft Starters 

It's all about choosing the right product for your specific application. Where your motors need protection, you want to specify a solution that is up to the job, but don't want to waste money over-specifying equipment that you don't need. Where you are keeping a tight hold on the purse strings, an AuCom soft start could be the great value solution you are looking for. Why not ask for a quote.

Help! Do I Need Fixed or Variable Speed Motor Control?

Don't worry, we hear this question all the time. Often a quick call to our Tech Support Engineers on 01254 685900 can answer that for you, but it's not always a straightforward choice. That's when we draw on the expertise of our Field Sales Team and experts from our supply partners. They can take a look at your application and give you some advice about the best solution for you.

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AuCom FAQ Videos

If you have any questions about AuCom Soft Starters,we have filmed a series of FAQ videos with Gavin Highfield from AuCom.

Aucom 'Start Here' App Making Soft Starters Easy

AuCom 'Start Here' App

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What are the Benefits of
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What Size Soft Starter do You Need for Your Application?

Can you Save Energy Using a Soft Starter?

Can you Save Energy Using a
Soft Starter?

What Size Motor is Best?

What Size Motor is Best for
Your Application?

Looking for More Information? We Can Help With That...

Whether you have a fixed speed or variable speed motor application (or haven't made up your mind yet), LC Automation has a great range of products with all the help and advice you need to complete your project. There won't be many questions we haven't heard before, so call 01254 685900 for more information, friendly advice or a quote. We'll be happy to help.

AuCom Soft Starts are Now Available at LC Automation

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