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IDEM v's Fortress Interlocks

We sold Fortress Interlocks trapped key interlocks for many years, so we know they are great products. Rugged and built to last with solid metal construction, they're ideal for industrial applications such as quarries & brick factories.

Great news - IDEM trapped key interlocks are also rugged and manufactured from solid metal for hardwearing industrial applications... along with shorter lead times and savings of over 30%!

IDEM manufacture some of the most heavy duty trapped key interlocks we have ever seen. British made in Stainless Steel 316 or mirror finish Die Cast Metal, these heavy duty interlocks are rock solid and built to withstand hardwearing industrial applications. They at least match Fortress Interlocks for build quality.

Delivery in Days - Not Weeks

Our customers often had an issue with Fortress Interlocks lead times. We know you don't want to wait for your deliveries and this is one area where IDEM really excel. They offer dramatically shorter lead times with deliveries in days - not weeks!

Keep Your Customer Information Private

Fortress Interlocks specifically engrave each key and need your end user details for their records (even if the engraving is simply key 1, key 2 etc.). If you are understandably wary of giving your customers details, IDEM switches have a choice of standard keys which don't need engraving, but still provide a very high level of security.

But What About Those Prices? Can I Really Save 30%?

Yes. We are quoteing IDEM trapped key interlock systems against written Fortress Interlocks prices and can offer savings of over 30%. You get the same high quality build, a similar choice of products, dramatically shorter lead times and also save 30%.

Example price for a 3 Door System with Die Cast Solenoid Lock.

Don't Take Our Word For It - See Them For Yourself

Don't take our word for it. Call 01254 685900 or e-mail and request an IDEM trapped key interlock demonstration and a sample quote to show how they compare to Fortress Interlocks. We are sure you will be impressed by the build quality, but you will be amazed by the price!

IDEM Heavy Duty Trapped Key Interlocks



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